New AEW World Champion Crowned at Dynasty

Swerve Strickland is the new AEW World Champion!

Swerve Strickland overcame the odds at AEW Dynasty.

For months, Strickland has been chasing the AEW World Championship but has fallen short every single time. Most of that was due to his wrestling rival Hangman Page who made sure to interfere in all of his title matches, preventing him from winning the big one. With Page absent from AEW programming for the time being and Strickland as hot as ever, it was now or never for the 33-year-old star. Samoa Joe has been a dominating champion throughout his time in ROH and AEW, winning the world title back in December at Worlds End against MJF. He had three total title defenses, one that included Strickland and Page at AEW Revolution in March.

Back in February, Strickland told that he wants to be the Patrick Mahomes of AEW. "It's almost like I won the NBA Championship, now there's the new draft of guys coming in the next year that's about to alter the whole way the next year of the NBA is going to be. That's what it honestly feels like," Swerve said. "It's almost like the new wave of quarterbacks in the NFL. It's Patrick Mahomes at the top. I want to be the Mahomes. I want to be the dynasty of what AEW is about to be. It's not like we're searching for the next guy, who's it going to be? No, he's here. We see it, we want it, we need it."

Strickland entered the Chaifetz Center like a real supervillain, decked out in Marvel's Killmonger inspired gear. When the match got underway, it's clear they both want to end the match as quickly as possible, obviously with different motives. Strickland gets slammed into the announce desk as Joe pulls the padding up off the floor, clearly looking to inflict as much damage as he can to the challenger. Strickland, however, counters him with the Sasuke Special.

Joe gets some momentum with a power slam, then driving him into the corner. He works him down to the mat with a power drive elbow. Strickland lays a series of strikes to the champion but Joe goes for the Coquina Clutch which Swerve scouts and is able to maneuver his way out of. Swerve hits a rolling thunder reverse STO but it's still not enough. Eventually Swerve is able to hit the Swerve Stomp but even that can't keep the champion down for long. At this point, Prince Nana attempts to run some interference to help Swerve pick up the victory. Swerve gets locked into the Coquina Clutch but refuses to back down, though he's fading fast. When he reemerges, he and Joe exchange a few fists and Swerve finally hits the stomp, picking up the victory!