Will Ospreay Defeats Bryan Danielson at AEW Dynasty

Will Ospreay proved he's the best wrestler in the world at AEW Dynasty.

The long-awaited dream match between Bryan Danielson and Will Ospreay finally went down at AEW Dynasty. One of the best wrestlers of all time in Bryan Danielson versus one of the best wrestlers of the modern era in Will Ospreay competed to determine just who really is the best wrestler in the world. 

Ospreay, who signed an AEW contract back in November at Full Gear, has been incredibly vocal about how he's emulated Danielson's entire career. "He's [Will Ospreay] obviously always been dynamic, but now he's putting together the entire package of what a modern professional wrestler should embody," Danielson recently told Sports Illustrated. "He has such a great grasp of what the modern professional wrestling fan wants. There are people who criticize him, and I think they are mostly from the older guard. When I see him, I think he's the best wrestler in the world for modern wrestling fans, as far as what they enjoy."

From the start of the match it's as high-octane as you would imagine it would be with someone like Ospreay who is all about speed and agility. Danielson keeps up with him well, though, making sure to pace himself. Danielson counters Ospreay with a kick to his side, hitting a hurricanara from the top rope but Ospreay lands on his feet. He slowly turns to face Danielson and tells him to come get it. He lifts Danielson up for the Tiger Driver and hits it, going to the top rope to follow up but Danielson pushes him into the ring post. He softens Ospreay up and traps his arms avalanche tiger suplex which Ospreay clutches his neck from. Danielson capitalizes for the pin but Ospreay uses his ring awareness to get his foot to the bottom rope and force a break. 

Later in the match, Danielson catches him mid Oscutter, transitioning into the LeBell Lock. Ospreay transitions it into the guillotine but Danielson is able to fight out. Ospreay is locked into the LeBell Lock, his arm stretching all the way back. They go back and forth again, Danielson hits the Busaiku Knee, Ospreay kicks out. He kicks him in the side of the head, transitioning into the LeBell lock again but Ospreay fights him every step of the way. 

Danielson plays possum, grabbing Ospreay and putting him into a triangle sleeper hold while hitting elbow strikes to the side of Ospreay's head. Ospreay hits the Hidden Blade again but is unable to follow through as Danielson meets him in the middle with a kick to his jaw. Ospreay goes for the Hidden Blade one last time and this time it's for a pinfall victory.

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