NXT's Damian Priest Wins but Knocked Out by Johnny Gargano; Halloween Havoc Match Set

Tonight's action-packed NXT brought things to a close with a North American Championship match between Damian Priest and Dexter Lumis, and it got off to an interesting start. Lumis and Priest sort of felt each other out a bit early on, with both showing their resistance and athleticism without yielding any ground. Things started to shift a bit when Priest locked in a hold on Lumis, and even though Lumis escaped, Priest was able to hit Lumis with a crossbody over the ropes and lock in the hold again.

Both would trade blows throughout the match until Preist got Lumis grounded again, and though he would escape, he was looking worn down. That's why it was such a shock to see him leap to his feet after a slam from Preist, which was followed by a leap into the air and hard elbow down onto Priest.

That energy carried him to the ropes for another creative move, but Priest was able to dive out of the way, sending Lumis hard to the mat. Preist tried to capitalize but Lumis dodged his kick and was slammed to the ground, which let Lumis lock in a hold but Priest got to the ropes.

Things then went to the outside, where Lumis sent Preist into the glass on the side, and he then threw Priest into the ring. That's when Cameron Grimes came out of nowhere and ambushed Lumis without the referee seeing anything happened.

Lumis was clearly dazed, and when Priest saw his spot he pounced and slammed Lumis. to the mat and got the pin and. the win. After Priest celebrated the win and left the ring, Grimes came in the ring and started to taunt Lumis, which drew the attention of Preist. Priest then came back into the ring and when Grimes noticed he tried to attack Priest but Priest slammed him down.

Priest then started to walk up the ramp and he paused a minute, setting the belt down on the ground and setting up to do something when Gargano attacked him with a chair. Gargano then threw the chair to Priest and hit him with a superkick, knocking him out. Candice LeRae would join him as they looked at Priest and the belt, and that was followed by William Regal coming out and revealing that Gargano would face Preist at Halloween Havoc, but with a catch, as Shotzi Blackheart revealed that their matches would be decided by spinning the wheel of mayhem.

You can find the official description for tonight's NXT below.

Damian Priest will defend the North American Title tonight against Dexter Lumis, who was originally scheduled to compete in the Ladder Match that Priest won to become champion. Plus, two more No. 1 Contenders will be determined as Shotzi Blackheart clashes with Candice LeRae and Danny Burch & Oney Lorcan face Roderick Strong & Bobby Fish.

Here's is what is on deck for tonight's episode:

NXT North American Champion Damian Priest vs Dexter Lumis (Championship Match)

Shotzi Blackheart vs Candice LeRae (NXT Women's Title Shot at Halloween Havoc)

Danny Burch and Oney Lorcan vs Roderick Strong and Bobby Fish (NXT Tag Team No. 1 Contender's Match)

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Johnny Gargano vs Austin Theory

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