NXT TakeAways: Karrion Kross and Scarlett Need a Massive Push Right From the Start

Last night's NXT featured a TakeOver quality card, and you might have a hard time trying to pinpoint the match of the night. Johnny Gargano, Adam Cole, Charlotte Flair, Io Shirai, and more have a case for most memorable part of the night to be sure. Still though, despite the amazing in-ring action, you would be hard-pressed to identify any match or other moment from the night as more memorable and impressive as the debut of Karrion Kross and Scarlett. Their entrance and Kross' subsequent squash match garnered immense praise and a hype and momentum that few stars get after their initial television introduction. That's why NXT shouldn't be afraid to hit the gas and let the new NXT villains run wild with a big push, and that's the topic of our very first edition of NXT TakeAways.

NXT TakeAways is where we'll examine the fallout from the newest episode of NXT and ponder what the black and gold brand should drive towards next, and for last night's NXT we absolutely have to start with Kross and Scarlett. The teasers featuring the two started a while ago, and fans who knew of WWE's recent signings knew who they were referring to. That said, there wasn't a ton of momentum to build on until they actually appeared on camera during an ambush of Tommaso Ciampa. That represented a turning point of sorts, but even then the interest was still simmering and not boiling.

That brings us to last night's debut, which took everyone on social media by complete surprise. Not that they were appearing mind you, but more so regarding how complete their debut was. Their characters were mysterious but defined. Their entrance was larger than life but precise in its intent and feel, integrating both the overall theme of the characters as well as the personality of the people bringing those characters to life.

Once the match started, this momentum only continued, as Kross was made to look like an absolute beast in the ring. I'm typically not the biggest fan of squash matches, but they are no doubt effective when handled correctly, and have to say this one definitely fits into that category. Fans took to social media and couldn't stop sharing clips from their debut, creating a fervor that we haven't seen in an NXT debut in some time.

That's why NXT and WWE should capitalize and let these two really embrace their personas and become the top tier heels they absolutely can be with an early and significant push. Yes, they just debuted, and yes, there are plenty of stars on the roster that could also benefit from such a push, but as has been said often in WWE, timing is everything and to let this opportunity pass them by would be unfortunate for everyone involved.

Now, some will point to the Undisputed Era as being the main villains of NXT, and you'd be right...a month or so ago. Since then though Johnny Gargano and Candice LeRae have emerged as a heel power couple, and it's been amazing to watch, but in no way has it taken any heat from Undisputed ERA and their usual shenanigans.

If anything Gargano and LeRae have spiced things up, and Kross and Scarlett can do the exact same thing, adding yet more texture to just about any NXT feud you put them in. Their brand of villainy. as it were is vastly different from both ERA and Gargano and LeRae, and gives NXT's abundance of babyfaces real threats to face throughout the year that all feel genuinely different.


NXT typically doesn't accelerate very fast when someone first comes aboard, even with big names, but it isn't very often that a debut catches everybody's attention like this, so to do the slow rollout method of a few episodes, then skip a week, come back, no TV, return, etc just seems counterproductive so early on. These two are already catching fire, and I'm saying let's see what they can do with the machine behind them.

So those are my thoughts, but let me know what you think in the comments or hit me up on Twitter @MattAguilarCB for all things NXT!

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