NXT Report Reveals Updates on New Look and "More Characters" Direction

We're getting closer to the relaunch of NXT, as we'll finally see the changes coming to the brand this coming Tuesday. We've already seen some of the changes in the form of the new logo and the colorful redesign, and a recent promo for this Tuesday's show also revealed a look at the set and the expanded seating. Now a new report from Fightful Select gives us a bit more of an update on the new look and new direction for NXT, most focused on the latter. According to the report, numerous talent asked higher-ups in NXT this week about that new direction and were given non-answers, though there was at least one detail to contemplate.

One of the few details learned is that NXT is hoping to have "more characters", and the report notes that is in the broader sense, so don't expect every single person to have to adhere to that new mission statement.

As for the new look, talent and staff have had good things to say about the changes made to the CWC over the past week. Multiple sources have said the physical changes are an improvement, and the new look seems to be a scaled-down version of Raw and SmackDown sets. One of the talked about changes was to brighten things up in NXT, as it was criticized for being too dark, espcially when compared to Raw and SmackDown.

Those shows have become referred to as the Red and Blue brands respectively, but instead of just getting a bigger pop of gold NXT has gone in a multicolor splash direction, with all sorts of bright colors in the mix. It does brighten things up considerably for sure, and it does still maintain a look that distinguishes it from the other two brands, so on paper at least it seems to have hit both marks.

No word yet on who will be running NXT while Triple H recovers from his recent health scare, as the talent was only made aware when the news became public.

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