Rhea Ripley Addresses Her NXT Future

Tonight's NXT featured Rhea Ripley addressing the epic match she had against Io Shirai on last week's NXT, including the injuries she sustained after such a brutal match. Ripley admits she still hasn't regained complete feeling in her arm, and we all know she had several earrings ripped out of her ear during the match. Ripley respects Shirai, even after the defeat, but she isn't happy about losing and is conflicted on what is next for her. Ripley says "Where do I go from here...Honestly, I don't know." She would come out later in the night to address the many rumors around her status, and the good news is she isn't going anywhere.

Ripley talked about the rumors circulating and said the hug with Shirai was "Nothing but respect for Io Shirai. We respect each other, we really do. But it wasn't any kind of sending off party at all. I'm here, I'm here to stay, and I'm focused on one thing, and I will not stop until". That's when she was cut off by Candice LeRae, who came out with Toni Storm.

LeRae taunted her telling her to tell the fans how much harder she's going to try next time. "The difference between someone like you and someone like me, she stole two victories away from me, but you she beat on her own," LeRae said. "But besides that, the biggest difference between us, you talk talk talk talk, but you can't seem to back it up"

"I on the other hand, can talk the talk, and walk the walk." LeRae's team then walked out, with Raquel Gonzalez holding Shirai over her shoulder, and then the foursome held Shirai at the top of the ramp. Ripley then went after all four members of the team, and she managed to hold them off for a while, but Gonzalez managed to overpower her and get her in the corner. Ripley still wouldn't let up, and she continued to try and fend them off.

Gonzalez slammed her and then all four beat her down. Gonzalez then slammed Ripley into the turnbuckles on two different sides, leaving her hurting in the ring as they watch from the ramp.

Here's the official description for tonight's NXT.

"Who will claim the advantage for WarGames? Pete Dunne collides with a member of The Undisputed ERA in a Ladder Match with the all-important edge on the line. Elsewhere, Ember Moon will battle Candice LeRae and former NXT Champion Kevin Owens joins the commentary team. Catch it all tonight on NXT at 8/7 C on USA Network!"

Here's the full card:

Ember Moon vs Candice LeRae


Pete Dunne vs The Undisputed ERA (WarGames Advantage Ladder Match)

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