NXT's Tommaso Ciampa Knocks Joe Gacy Out of Halloween Havoc NXT Title Match

Tonight's NXT kicked off with Champion Tommaso Ciampa taking on Joe Gacy for the NXT Championship, and when Gacy extended his hand, Ciampa kicked it away and then got to work, hitting Gacy with a shoulder tackle and whipping him towards the ropes. Gacy returned the favor with a shoulder tackle of his own and a headlock, but Ciampa escaped and then locked in a hold of his own, putting pressure on Gacy's shoulder and neck. Gacy got up but Ciampa kept attacking the arm and shoulder, though Gacy got some momentum with punches a knee to the back. Ciampa would kick out of the ensuing pin though.

Ciampa then threw Gacy to the corner and floored him with a series of kicks, and then flattened him with a running knee. Gacy rolled out of the ring, and after Ciampa rolled him in Gacy rolled back out again. Ciampa then threw him headfirst into the announcer's desk and dodged a dropkick attempt. Ciampa kept up the offense, hitting Gacy in the face and tripping him up to slam his head straight into the mat.

Ciampa continued to attack Gacy's head and face, and locked in a crossface, and then stomped on Gacy's face. Ciampa followed up with a big chop but Gacy got some fire, which resulted in a huge slam and a pin but Ciampa kicked out. Gacy then hit a senton on Ciampa as he was positioned on the side of the ring, but Ciampa kicked out of the pin attempt.

Gacy kept up the offense, throwing Ciampa into the corner and hitting a series of moves that led to a Gacy locking in an abdominal crunch. Ciampa managed to flip Gacy over but Gacy knocked him back down and went for another pin, but Ciampa kicked out. Gacy then locked in another hold, putting pressure on Ciampa's neck and head. Ciampa got to his feet but Gacy knocked him back down and went for a Senton but missed and landed straight on his tailbone. Ciampa and Gacy traded punches for a bit and then Ciampa knocked Gacy to the floor with a big kick.

He then threw Gacy into the barricade and rolled him back into the ring and hit him three times with shoulder charges and then evaded Gacy's clothesline and slammed Gacy down with a final tackle. A huge chop followed from Ciampa and they traded punches and kicks again. Gacy hit a Power Bomb but Ciampa kicked out. Gacy went for a splash but missed, though he tried to roll up Ciampa, though it didn't work.

Ciampa hit a big dropkick and went for a Fairytale Ending, which he hit, and he got the pin and the win. Now Gacy won't be added to the match between Ciampa and Bron Breakker at Halloween Havoc.

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