Paige Fires Back at Critics For Not Returning to WWE

Paige has been open about wanting to wrestle again, and WWE fans definitely would love to see her return to the ring as well after being forced to retire in 2018 after injuries to her neck. Paige has recently tweeted about wanting to jump back into the ring at some point, and fans have pointed to the returns of Edge and Bryan Danielson as proof that it can eventually happen. That said, other fans are instead pointing to those examples and criticizing Paige for not following suit and returning to WWE, and she's responded to those critics to set them straight.

Paige took to Twitter to respond to those critics, writing "It's wild that some people are like "well edge and Bryan came back you are just lazy" I'm inspired by them. I'm not lazy. My neck needs to recover. We are all built different. Sorry fam." You can see the post below.

Both Edge and Danielson were forced to step away from in-ring competition due to neck injuries, and though they stayed involved with WWE afterward, they couldn't wrestle in the ring. Eventually, after a long layoff Edge was cleared to wrestle once more, making his big comeback at the Royal Rumble.

Meanwhile, Danielson (formerly Daniel Bryan) would fill the GM role for a bit before being cleared, and he would jump back into active competition and the title mix before ultimately departing WWE to join All Elite Wrestling, where he is now.

Paige would step into a role as leader of Absolution, a team consisting of Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville, which she brought into WWE when she made her return to active competition. Unfortunately, a scary moment in the ring soon after required her to stop wrestling, but she would stay involved in WWE by becoming the GM of SmackDown and then co-host of Backstage.

Fans are certainly eager to see her back in the ring, but last year Paige said that her contract with WWE was up in June of this year. There haven't yet been any reports of talks between Paige and WWE to extend the contract, so we'll have to wait and see how all that pans out. If she does end up leaving WWE, perhaps she will head over to AEW, Impact Wrestling, or New Japan once she does eventually return to the ring, though she could always join any of those companies in a different role until she's medically cleared.

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H/T Sportskeeda