Paige Says She's Up For Returning to WWE as a GM

The role of General Managers on WWE television seems to fluctuate from year to year, and for a while onscreen General Managers weren't featured on Raw or SmackDown. Then slowly Adam Pearce started being in that role, and then later a returning Sonya Deville stepped into a co-manager role alongside Pearce. Recently there have been more and more signs that Deville will return to in-ring action as her feud with Naomi continues, and Paige recently sent a message to WWE on social media that revealed she is more than up for jumping into the GM role once again.

Paige wrote on Twitter "Yo @WWE @VinceMcMahon since you brought GMs back a while ago.." and then attached a GIF of Rowan Atkinson waving. So if WWE is looking for someone to take that SmackDown GM role, it would seem Paige is ready to jump back into the mix.

Paige was General Manager of SmackDown in 2018 and held the position for several months until it was announced that she would no longer be in the role that December. She excelled during her time as SmackDown GM, putting people in their place when it was needed and keeping interference to a minimum, unlike Shane McMahon at the time.

They never really revealed a reason why they changed things up, but now that GMs are back and in the fold and there might be a spot opening up, bringing back Paige would be something fans would be into, as many have been hoping for a return to WWE television over the past few years.

If she were to jump back into that role on SmackDown, that would put her in the mix with people like Sasha Banks, Roman Reigns, Paul Heyman, and Charlotte Flair, and you know all of those encounters would probably be amazing week in and week out.

We'll have to wait and see what happens with Paige. As for Deville, Pearce got her booked in a match against Naomi on next week's SmackDown, and the two are likely to have some sort of big match to end their feud in the coming weeks and months.

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