Ronda Rousey Inducted Into UFC Hall of Fame

Ronda Rousey has officially been inducted into the UFC Hall of fame, as part of the organizations International Fight Week festivities.

The UFC held the ceremony for its 2018 Hall of Fame class, which included the former women’s bantamweight champion, who was reportedly a huge part of UFC President Dana White creating a women's division in the first place.

Fittingly, White was the one to induct Rousey. During his speech, he referenced how the two of them first met, with Rousey walking up to him at an event and declaring that she wanted "to work" for him.

White went on to praise Rousey for proving that "women could headline big Pay-Per-View events" and "sell out the biggest arenas. He also lauded her ability to break "barriers" and "smash records."

Eventually, White brought Rousey out on stage to accept her Hall of Fame induction trophy by calling her one of his "dearest" friends and "the greatest female fighter of all-time."

During her acceptance speech, Rousey spoke about how the "revolution" of the women's UFC division as something that was built "together" with her fans and competitors.

"Together we have redefined what it means to be strong, to be sexy," she said. "We have changed what it means to fight like a girl."

Finally, Rousey was given UFC Hall of Fame sports coat, and accepted her award to standing ovation and uproarious applause.

Many of Rousey's adoring fans have taken to social media to share their support and congratulate her on the monumental achievement of becoming the first woman to be inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame.

"Congratulations Ronda, you so deserve this. Without you, these women would have never been in UFC," one fan tweeted. "I hope they never forget how they got there."


"She’s a pioneer and all the female ufc fighters today have to thank her for paving the way," someone else wrote. "That’s just facts!"

Currently, Rousey is under contract with the WWE, and has not fought a UFC match since 2016. She has not explicitly stated that she is retired from the UFC, but she has said that she has no current plans to return.