Ronda Rousey Shoots Down Report That She Was Furious About Her WrestleMania 38 Booking

Ronda Rousey is calling out a report that emerged about her shortly after WrestleMania 38 Night One. Despite saying on The Ellen DeGeneres Show earlier this week that she was going to be in the main event, her SmackDown Women's Championship match with Charlotte Flair wound up being the penultimate match for the evening behind Steve Austin vs. Kevin Owens. Bryan Alvarez initially reported on Wrestling Observer Radio that Rousey was so "furious" about the booking she walked out of Friday's edition of SmackDown. 

"Ronda thought that she was going on last. She wasn't," Alvarez said. "The Kevin Owens Show was going on last. And when she found out she was furious, I was told. One person who knows her, so I presume that this is true, said she was so mad Friday that she walked out. So she wasn't at the Hall of Fame. Cooler heads prevailed, I guess, and she showed up today. ... She was angry that they did not go on last."

Rousey popped up on Twitter on Sunday to shoot down the rumor, saying she didn't stick around for the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony because of her six-month-old baby. She wound up on the losing end of Saturday's match despite a visual pin and submission from Flair before "The Queen" nailed her with a big boot just as a knocked out referee was being revived. 

"I don't know where these 'reports' come from but it was an absolute honor to perform under Steve Austin at Wrestlemania in Texas-I wasn't a hall of fame because I have a six-month-old baby I had to put to sleep early. People are literally creating drama out of thin air," Rousey tweeted. 

Rousey wound up being the subject of a recent Paul Heyman interview in which Roman Reigns' special counsel considered the idea of working with either her or Flair. He told the Sports Media Podcast, "There are things about Ronda Rousey that are so ahead of the curve, that are so beyond anybody's ability to even fathom how great she can be. And there's no way that she can reach that on her own. She needs someone to bounce off of, to perform with."


Should WWE have gone with Rousey vs. Flair to close the show? Or did they make the right call by having Steve Austin's surprise match end the night? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.