Samoa Joe Injured During WWE Raw Tag Team Championship Match

Samoa Joe and Kevin Owens challenged Seth Rollins and Buddy Murphy for the Raw Tag Team Championships on this week's Monday Night Raw, but midway through the bout things took a sudden turn for the "Samoan Submission Machine." Midway through the match Joe hit a dive to the outside onto Murphy, only to land awkwardly on his head once he hit the mat. He was unable to immediately get up after the bump, and after being examined by the WWE medical staff he was pulled from the match. According to PWInsider's Mike Johnson, the decision was "100 percent legitimate" and not apart of the plan for the match.

You can see the spot where Joe was injured below.


With Joe out for the rest of the match, Owens had to try and take down Rollins and Murphy on his own. The finish of the match called back to last week when Rollins tried to stomp Owens' head on the apron, only for KO to evade it. He attempted a Stunner on Murphy, then shifted over to nail his finisher on Rollins instead. Murphy saw that as an opening to roll up Rollins for the victory.