Scott Steiner's Shoney's is Closing for Good

Due to the impacts of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Scott Steiner's Shoney's Kitchen & Bar is closing for good. The former WWE and current NWA pro wrestler opened up a Shoney's Kitchen & Bar franchise in Acworth, Georgia back in 2016. But after four strong years of business as fans and Georgian residents alike visited the restaurant, the current complications of the ongoing pandemic has resulted in the closing of the business. The official Facebook page for Steiner's owned restaurant broke the unfortunate news with its loyal patrons with the following message, "We have closed this business due to COVID.19."

Continuing with its message further, the Steiner owned Shoney's Kitchen & Bar thanks customers for their patronage, "We appreciate your patronage for the past 4 years." Unfortunately, there are no more details as to the closing but this unfortunately is yet another small business that has suffered as a result of protective social distancing and isolation measures to help combat against the spread of the novel coronavirus.

First opening the Shoney's franchise back in 2016, Steiner and wife Christa opened the restaurant in their neighborhood when an older Shoney's was closing down. Beginning the tear down in 2015 with the opening in 2016, Steiner famously enlisted the help of fellow former superstars like Kevin Nash to help its grand opening. Although the WWE has found a way to continue its business through the COVID-19 pandemic, this has unfortunately not been the same case for many businesses.

As for WWE's continued run through COVID-19 concerns, the company drew some major attention earlier this Summer when it was reported that multiple employees had tested positively for COVID-19. The company has been seen making several adjustments throughout the last few months both on screen and behind the scenes (such as now requiring its roster to wear masks when not performing), but there are few concrete details as to which employees had actually tested positive.

WWE also made many cuts to its roster and staff over pandemic concerns, and many of these released superstars are now moving onto other programs and promotions following a 90 day non-compete. The company is continuing to make adjustments to their program on the fly, but it's not like they are in danger of closing like this unfortunate one. How do you feel about Scott Steiner's Shoney's shutting its doors for good? Let us know all of your thoughts in the comments!