The Latest on Seth Rollins' Upcoming Leave From WWE and Eventual Return

With Seth Rollins set to take time off as he becomes a father for the first time, we're starting [...]

With Seth Rollins set to take time off as he becomes a father for the first time, we're starting to have a better idea of how much ring time the former world champion might miss. Rollins' fiance, WWE star Becky Lynch, is due with the couple's first child in December. It was previously known that Rollins would be taking some time off to be with Lynch and baby, but a new report sheds light on how much ring time he will miss.

According to this week's Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Rollins isn't expected to miss all that much ring time. He will likely just be out for most of the month of December, though we don't have an exact return date. At this point, it's expected that Rollins will be back in time for next year's Royal Rumble.

During Friday night's SmackDown, Rollins will take on Murphy in what looks to be the blow-off to the feud that the two have been having with the Mysterio family. Last week's SmackDown saw Mysterio go one-on-one with Rollins in what should be the final match between them for now. That match wasn't even pushed ahead of time, which was bizarre given how much emphasis the story has had. Mysterio picked up the win and Murphy came to Rey's assistance. Tonight's match with Murphy will put an end to the story of his split with Rollins.

On television, it has seemed like they rushed to get to these two matches to wrap up the feud all of the sudden, which is odd since it has been known for quite some time that Rollins would be off in December. The Mysterio match came out of nowhere, and the Murphy match was advertised very minimally right on the heels of that one.

Following Friday night's SmackDown, Rollins will then compete in the Team SmackDown vs. Team Raw match on Sunday night. As of right now, it doesn't look like he is scheduled for television after that and will likely enjoy Thanksgiving at home with Lynch and not return to the ring until next year.

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