Sheamus Announces His Return During WWE SmackDown

After nearly eight months away, Sheamus confirmed his return to WWE during Friday night's edition of SmackDown.

A vignette aired during this week's show with Sheamus talking about the SmackDown roster and taking shots at them for being weak. He specifically called out the WWE Universal Champion, Bray Wyatt, as well as Shorty G and Baron Corbin.

Sheamus said that nobody on the roster is as hungry as him, nor do they have a backbone. He said that it's a perfect time for him to make his return because everyone is soft and he is going to ravage everyone in his way. He concluded by saying that SmackDown will soon be his.

Check out a clip below.

Last weekend, Sheamus made an appearance for Cricket Wireless during Survivor Series weekend in Chicago. He's been cleared now for in ring competition for a couple of months, WWE was just waiting on a time to bring him back

Sheamus last performed on the SmackDown following WrestleMania 35 back in April. He had been suffering from spinal stenosis, as well as from the effects of a concussion.


During a promotional tour of the Philippines over the summer, Sheamus said, "I'm trying to get better. I miss the ring" when asked about his injuries. He has continued to film his workout series for YouTube during his absence and even was seen sporting a new haircut in preparation for a movie role. During his return vignette on SmackDown, Sheamus' hairstyle looked much like it did back during his original WWE run earlier in the decade and prior to growing it out into a mohawk during his tag team days with Cesaro.

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