Steve Austin Discusses New 'Broken Skull Sessions' WWE Network Show

Wrestling legend 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin has a big weekend ahead as the WWE Network will [...]

Wrestling legend "Stone Cold" Steve Austin has a big weekend ahead as the WWE Network will premiere his new show immediately following the Survivor Series.

Austin previously hosted some live editions of his popular Stone Cold Podcast on the Network. Calling back to the popularity of that broadcast and capitalizing on one of their biggest stars in history, WWE and Austin have created the Broken Skull Sessions.

The new show will feature full length interviews and is being co-produced by Austin. The premiere edition on Sunday night will be 2 hours in length and feature The Undertaker as a guest.

Austin spoke about the show's creation and future with Sports Illustrated.

"I didn't want to call it the 'Stone Cold podcast,'" Austin said. "In theory it's like a podcast, but it's not. We're doing this right here in my studio in Los Angeles, and the show's name is more personal.

"The reason 'Broken Skull' came about ties back to when I had my ranch back in South Texas. I called it the 'Broken Skull Ranch,' and I'd always wanted my whole life to own a ranch. In order to finally buy one, I literally had to break my skull in the business of pro wrestling to do that. So it became the 'Broken Skull Ranch.' I'm still 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin, I'm still that guy, but WWE owns 'Stone Cold.' I liked the sound of the Broken Skull Sessions. We're here at my place and we're getting inside people's skulls, so it just made sense. That's how it came to be."

Austin acknowledged that it was WWE who reached out to him for the show and its continuation will rest entirely on how many viewers tune in.

"I was so happy WWE reached out to me and pitched this show to me," Austin said. "If the show does great numbers, I'll do it for as long as I can do it. If the show doesn't do any numbers and I s--- the bed, they'll say, 'Hey Steve, we'll catch you down the road.' I really believe that's how it's going to happen. There are going to be more episodes, for sure, but they've got to perform to keep doing more."

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