Steve Austin Shares Praise and Criticism of SummerSlam

Now that we've all had a few days to digest, it's time to have a SummerSlam retrospective. But [...]

Now that we've all had a few days to digest, it's time to have a SummerSlam retrospective. But instead of fans bickering about what worked and what didn't, why not listen to Stone Cold Steve Austin?

During a recent episode of The Steve Austin Show, the WWE icon shared a few talking points in the wake of Sunday's massive pay-per-view. To Austin, WWE chose to have Kevin Owen's destroyed by Braun Strowman did unnecessary damage to the KO character.

"I hope Kevin Owens can claw his way back to where he was," he said. "I'm a big fan of both guys. I'm friends with both guys, but, man, with Braun, Braun is a big guy. And Kevin has been in the picture for a lot of titles, held a lot of titles, and I just thought, 'man, he didn't get s—t in, so, eh, I just wasn't a fan."

Even though Strowman is one of WWE's hottest Superstars Austin didn't think he needed to beat Owens so easily.

"I just didn't think Kevin Owens needed to get steamrolled because he's a top guy. And, obviously, Braun Strowman is still green, but he's a top guy. They're grooming him for bigger and better things, but KO didn't need to get squashed in the process," he said.

While Austin wasn't a fan of Owens being done dirty, the Texas Rattlesnake did like how WWE put together the Universal Championship match.

"I just think for what it was, the action that did happen before it was over, because it didn't last very long." Austin added, "I enjoyed the match," he said. I knew they were in a tough spot, Roman came out really nice. Man, the crowd popped when he won!

Perhaps that's the biggest takeaway, from SummerSlam: people liked Reigns' victory. After years of protest, it feels like the WWE Universe has let down their guard and allowed WWE to move forward with Reigns driving the company.

"It could have gone the other way, but the way they had it set up, they came out of this thing smelling like a rose. And so who knows what's on the backside or moving into the future with Roman? I guess Brock will go to fight in the MMA or whatever. I don't know what his deal is. Strowman is in the picture. I loved the physicality with Brock and Strowman. I loved [Strowman] getting beat with the briefcase and chucking the thing up the damn ramp. Oh yeah, it was great! But, dude, they popped pretty damn big for Roman, so they really made the most out of the situation that they could, in my opinion," he said.

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