Stone Cold Steve Austin New Interview Series Announced for WWE Network, First Guest Will Be The Undertaker

WWE announced via press release on Monday that "Stone Cold" Steve Austin will return to the WWE Network with a new interview series titled Stone Cold Steve Austin: The Broken Skull Sessions starting on Nov. 24 at the Survivor Series pay-per-view. Austin's first guest will be none other than The Undertaker, who has rarely appeared in interviews since his semi-retirement began. Austin hosted a similar show on the network from late 2014 to mid-2016, bringing on guests like Vince McMahon and (infamously) Dean Ambrose. Austin said in an interview with Variety that coinsided with the announcement that the new series will have a different tone compared to his original show's run.

"Hosted and produced by WWE® Hall of Famer 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin, the series will feature no-holds barred, one-on-one conversations with the biggest names in WWE history, including Legends, Superstars and celebrity guests," the release read.

"For the premiere episode, Austin welcomes The Undertaker (Mark Calaway) for a rare, long-form interview with one of the most prolific and enduring Superstars of all time," it continued. "Each episode of The Broken Skull Sessions features Austin pulling no punches as he evokes the human side of his highly-accomplished guests through engaging, casual interviews."

WWE's YouTube channel also posted a video to go with the announcement of Austin's first episode.

"We're covering everything from his days in Texas to WCW to the end of his streak at WrestleMania and a lot more," Austin said in the video.

"The Texas Rattlesnake" also gave a glimpse at what fans can expect from his new show in the press release.

"I've raised hell all over the world inside the ring while with WWE. Now with The Broken Skull Sessions I get to raise hell outside the ring, shooting the breeze with Superstars from the world of sports entertainment," Austin said.

During an interview with ComicBook earlier in the year, Austin talked about his reaction to seeing The Undertaker (who was notoriously loyal to kayfabe) have his own social media accounts.


"Really, with my podcast starting six years ago, people got a chance to see the other side of Stone Cold because they saw me on TV for so long been so effective at being that guy, they figured that's who and what I was 24/7," Austin said. "And so through my podcast, I was able to break out of that shell from an audio level. And with this show I'm able to break out. People say, 'Hey, man, the guy's actually halfway funny or pretty funny or I'm not mad all the time.'

"So the same thing with Undertaker," he continued. "He's been wrestling for damn near 30 years, 25 years, however long it's been. One of the greatest runs in the history of the business. And for him to have a social media account, it's a way for him to, why shouldn't he be a part of social media as well? But he's not trying to sell tickets but you get a chance to see the fact that that guy, his name is Mark. He's not really The Undertaker 24/7. He has a life, and from what I have seen on his Instagram account, he's enjoying his life to the fullest extent."