The Rock and Becky Lynch Tease Future WWE Match

At the Royal Rumble, Becky Lynch officially booked herself for a WrestleMania match. But hours before winning the Rumble, Lynch and The Rock tossed around the idea of their own major showdown.

After Lynch was asked if she would entertain a match with The Rock, The Man seemed like she was up for the challenge.

Because nothing can hide on social media, The Rock found out about the conversation and added his own vision for their match.

And never one to avoid a massive fight, Lynch is all for it.

The idea of intergender wrestling has become trendy in recent years, with WWE even sprinkling it in every now an then. Ronda Rousey tossing Triple H around at WrestleMania 34 is probably the brightest example, but Nia Jax getting an RKO at the Rumble is the most recent one.

However, don't expect WWE to regularly book male vs. female matches, instead, there will be just moments like Jax's. Then again if The Rock told Vince McMahon he wanted to go one-on-one with Lynch, then WWE would have to make that happen.

There was some belief that The Rock would show up at Sunday's Rumble, with oddsmakers actually giving him a 20/1 shot at winning. That obviously didn't happen, but that doesn't mean we're ready to give up on Rocky ever wrestling again. In an interview last summer, The Rock seemed like he was intent on making one more return to WWE


"I can't wait to get back into the WWE ring. Everybody always asks me, 'what's it like being in a WWE ring?' I always tell them there's nothing like it. There's a certain live crowd acumen, there's great connective tissue that's second to none. That was, and will always be the best part of my job, whether I'm actually wrestling a match, or just giving a promo. That connection with the audience, there's nothing like it," he said.