The Rock Returns On WWE SmackDown, Takes Down Baron Corbin With Becky Lynch

It didn't take long for The Rock, Dwayne Johnson, to make his presence felt on the premiere edition of WWE SmackDown Live on FOX.

Following a welcome from Vince McMahon and Stephanie McMahon and a new show open, Becky Lynch kicked off the broadcast. She talked about it being a big moment to kick off the new era for WWE but said she was here to kick some ass.

At that moment she was interrupted by Baron Corbin, who made his way to the ring and started questioning Lynch on whether she really was "The Man" but The Rock's theme song hit just then.

The WWE faithful in Los Angeles gave the Hollywood star and wrestling icon a warm welcome home as he made his way out to the ring.

Rock talked about uttering the phrase "smack down" years ago and how it's now become an institution. He references "The Man," "The Rock," and then pointed to Corbin, saying he looked like a "broke ass Burger King on crack," referencing Corbin's King of the Ring attire.

After Rock said that "finally The Rock has come back home," he was interrupted by Corbin. Corbin said that Rock is no longer the Great One. He said he's the most electrifying man in sports entertainment now, The King, and said "The King says know your roles and shut your mouths."

Rock went on to give Corbin more grief about his appearance, saying that just because he won the King of the Ring it doesn't mean he needs to walk around like "a 35 year old virgin hanging around Comic Con." He then noted that just because Lynch is "The Man" it doesn't mean she walks around carrying testicles. Lynch piped in that if she did "they'd be bigger" than Corbin's.

Corbin said this town (LA) only has one King and it's not LeBron James. Rock asked him if he think he's superior to everyone, to which he said yes, and Lynch piped in with the "it doesn't matter what you think."


Rock then talked about being familiar with Corbin's work and his career. He asked him if he thinks that he is a "super tough dude," eventually prompting the crowd to chant "STD."

Rock then pointed out that Corbin must be getting mad, to which he said that is what happens when you insult the Man, the people, and himself. This lead to a fight breaking out, ending with The Rock giving him the People's Elbow and the Rock Bottom.

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