Torrie Wilson Says She'd Have a WWE Return Match to Shut Up the Naysayers

Torrie Wilson returned to WWE programming back in April when she was officially inducted into the [...]

Torrie Wilson returned to WWE programming back in April when she was officially inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame as part of the Class of 2019.She's wrestled only three times since her pro wrestling retirement back in 2008, but in a new interview with Ring The Belle she discussed the possibility of a return match.

Late in the interview the topic of Trish Stratus' return and supposed final match (which Wilson didn't believe would be the case) at SummerSlam against Charlotte Flair was brought up. She was then asked who she'd like her final opponent to be.

"I don't know," Wilson said. "I feel like if I ever had another match I'd have to train for six months, make it damn good. The only reason I would only do that is so that I can shut up the naysayers and even prove to myself that I'm actually a much better athlete today than I was then."

When Wilson was announced as an HOF inductee, certain portions of wrestling fandom claimed she didn't "deserve" the honor on social media. She went on Busted Open Radio in March to defend herself.

"I mean, I think some of the people that are angry are the same people that are forgetting that this is an entertainment show, and I was not calling the shots backstage going, 'Hey Vince, can I please wrestle in a bikini tonight?'" Wilson said. "I actually was out there with Fit Finlay going, 'OK, what's the most athletic match I can put together with a bikini on?'"

She also addressed the online trolls during her acceptance speech.

"First thing you've got to do is realize that permission is for pansies," Wilson said. "We don't need anyone's permission to be who we are, and we don't need permission to be who who want to be. I didn't ask the guy who said 'Torrie Wilson doesn't belong with the WWE Hall of Fame' if he thought it was okay if I still went anyway. And I didn't ask the guy that was up there booing me [pointing to the higher seating in the arena] telling me I suck if he deemed me worthy of lacing up my wrestling boots and giving it a try the next night. Because neither would've said yes but neither one was the one stepping in this ring."

Wilson initially debuted in WCW in 1999 and wound up making the jump to the WWF in 2001 during the Invasion storyline.