Watch CM Punk's Heartwarming Exchange with an AEW Fan

There's a lot going on in the world at any given time, especially right now, so getting a few feel-good stories every now and then is always welcome. The story of 23-year-old Derek Baker meeting his favorite wrestler and hero CM Punk certainly fits into that category and watching the video, well, good luck on not shedding a tear or two. Baker had a chance to go backstage at AEW Rampage and meet some of his favorite stars, and he was having a great time. Then CM Punk walked up and he couldn't have been more thrilled, racing in for a hug and telling Punk that he is his favorite. It's a heartwarming video, and AEW shared the video as well. You can view it below.

Baker is talking to Cody Rhodes backstage, and from his Instagram, we know that he also met Ruby Soho and even more stars while he was there, and he got a look at the Rampage stage. But when Punk came up to him, you can tell it really floored him.

Punk walked up and asked what his name was, and Baker is shocked. He asks someone off-screen to hold his soda and then he instantly goes in to hug Punk. Punk smiles and says "Oh we're hugging! I'm a hugger, it's alright" and gives him one back.

Punk asks his name again and he says it's Derek, and he tells him it's nice to meet you. Baker says "you're my hero man" and Punk responds "Nooo, you're my hero." They talk a bit more and Baker says he is the best in the world, and then Punk asks if they are filming and tells them to get pictures, get everything.

Punk then asks "When Cody asked you who your favorite wrestler was, what did you say?" and Rhodes said, "He told me, CM Punk...he did. He did."

Punk then asked if he has good seats and Cody said they were going to take care of it, and altogether it seems like Baker had one amazing time.

Seriously, watch it and smile, because it's great. Kudos to everyone from AEW for making this such a special moment.

You can find Baker on YouTube here and you can find him on Instagram here.