WWE: A Midwestern State Is Putting in a Bid To Host the Royal Rumble

Milwaukee, Wisconsin is looking to bring the Royal Rumble to the state in the near future.

Fresh off of a hugely successful WrestleMania weekend in Philadelphia for both the city and WWE, a midwestern state is looking to make a bid for one of the "Big Four" PLE's. 

Last summer Detroit hosted the city's very first SummerSlam event and the first WWE PLE since 2017's Hell In A Cell. This summer, Cleveland, Ohio will host SummerSlam from the Cleveland Browns Stadium, the first PLE in the city since Fastlane 2019. With the way WWE is conquering some of the largest midwestern wrestling markets, Milwaukee, Wisconsin has made it clear that they want to host a future Royal Rumble

The wrestling market in Wisconsin is largely untapped, but WWE has hosted PLE's there in the past, including Fastlane 2017, Elimination Chamber 2012, WWF No Way Out 2002, WWF King Of The Ring 1996, and WWF In Your House 22: Over The Edge 1998. According to CBS 58, a local station in Wisconsin, state officials will pitch it to the company once the American Family Field ballpark is winterized after the 2025 baseball season. Mayor Cavalier Johnson took to his X account earlier this week to tout the success of the ballpark for concerts, ranking 19th for the top-grossing stadium for concerts in the United States and 35th in the world. "This will help to drive more concerts, attention, vibrancy, and development here. I wouldn't be surprised if WWE found interest here too," Mayor Johnson wrote.

In 2024 alone WWE has several wrestling markets all over the world on its schedule, one of which was wildly successful for the sports giant -- Australia for Elimination Chamber. WWE will also travel to France for WWE Backlash, Saudi Arabia for King and Queen of the Ring, Scotland for Clash at the Castle, and Germany for the return of Bash in Berlin.

Where Will WrestleMania 41 Take Place?

Additionally, the location of the next year's WrestleMania event is usually locked in by now and announced to fans, but that isn't the case this year. Minnesota is fighting hard for it, though, as leaks going all the way back to the spring of 2023 suggest it has been a frontrunner for quite some time. At a recent event announcing the state's new tourism campaign, Governor Tim Walz made it clear that Minnesota is the place to be no matter if it's for wrestling, gymnastics, or hockey. "No one is more excited about WrestleMania than me," Lt. Gov. Flanagan said. "It is a great example of the variety of opportunities here in Minnesota. And as your governor said, we are humble people, but now it's time to brag."

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