WWE's Dolph Ziggler Retains NXT Title, Accepts Stand & Deliver Title Challenge

After a thrilling opening segment between LA Knight, The Miz, and Dolph Ziggler, it was finally time for the main event match between Knight and Ziggler for the NXT Championship. They locked up pretty much immediately, and then Knight just ran over Ziggler with a shoulder tackle. They locked up again and spun around as they both attempted to lock in a hold and then Ziggler kicked Knight and sent him into the corner. Ziggler flipped him over and went for a neck hold but Knight got to his feet. Knight was knocked down by Ziggler with a shoulder tackle but returned the favor and went for a pin, but Ziggler kicked out. Then Knight threw some punches and they exchanged punches and wrist holds. Ziggler put a foot in Knight's face and then went to send Knight over his shoulder but he landed on his feet and knocked Ziggler down, but Ziggler kicked out of the pin attempt.

Knight wanted to keep up the momentum but Ziggler briefly reversed only to get sent down hard on the mat. Knight would go for the cover again but Ziggler kicked out and rolled out of the ring and to the ground, where Robert Roode was cheering him on.

At this point, Knight was holding his ribs a bit, and then he got his back slammed into the ring apron. Ziggler got hit in the face several times but then kicked Knight in the face and the ribs, and Knight fell to the ground and was in severe pain.

Ziggler pressed Knight's face against the robes and then stood on Knight's ribs to do more damage. Knight halted a punch and then another, but Ziggler kicked him in the ribs again, knocking him down to his knees. Ziggler then wore down Knight with a hold in the center of the ring.

Ziggler hit a big dropkick to Knight and went for a pin, but Knight kicked out. Then Ziggler tried to knock out Knight with a submission but Knight wouldn't fade. Ziggler then tried to rake his fingers over Knight's face but the referee spotted it and stopped it. Knight got to his feet and slammed Ziggler's back into the turnbuckle.

Knight's ribs were in bad shape at this point, and Ziggler looked to pounce, going for a Famouser but Knight reversed it. Knight then hit a huge set of punches, knocking Ziggler into the corner where he kicked him over and over again, following it up with a charge that sent Ziggler rolling. Knight then hit a PowerSlam after a bounce off the ropes, and then he went for an Elbow Drop but Ziggler kicked out at the last minute.

That's when we flash to outside the PC where Bron Breakker pulled up and entered the building. Knight pulled on Ziggler to get him back in the ring and then slammed him into the corner turnbuckle. Knight picked up Ziggler and put him up top, punching Ziggler to keep him out of it. He went up top and started to lift Ziggler but Ziggler punched him right in the ribs, buying himself some time.

Knight got back up top and hit a massive SuperPlex, and he crawled over to cover Ziggler, but he kicked out right at the last minute. The move did some damage to Knight as well, and Roode was cheering his partner on. Knight was up on his feet first, but Roode interfered a bit and Ziggler went to capitalize, but Knight countered and slammed Ziggler down for a pin. Roode was able to get Ziggler's foot on the rope without the referee seeing though.

Knight went for a BFT and then Ziggler sent for a ZigZag. Ziggler hit a Superkick and that was enough to keep Knight down and get the pin and the win.

Then Breakker came into the ring and picked up a microphone. He said, "screw it, I'm not gonna wait. I want my match at Stand & Deliver". He then knocked out Roode and asked "how about it Champ?" Ziggler lifted the title and agreed to the match, and now they will face each other for the title during WrestleMania weekend.

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