Dwayne Johnson's Young Rock Series Announces Christmas Episode

NBC's Twitter account gave its first look at a special Christmas episode of Young Rock, set to air on Dec. 15. The photo from the episode features all three actors playing Dwayne Johnson in various time periods (Adrian Groulx in 1982, Bradley Constant in 1987 and Uli Latukefu in the 1990s) as well as Andre The Giant (Matthew Willig) dressed up as Father Christmas. It was confirmed earlier this year that Young Rock would be getting a second season, and based on the casting rumors the show will be extending to other year's in Rock's upbringing 

Along with Rock's father, Rocky Johnson, the show brought one of the biggest figures in pro wrestling history to the small screen in Vince McMahon, played by Adam Ray in the 1982 timeline. Brian Gewirtz, a former WWE head writer and an executive producer on Young Rock, spoke with ComicBook earlier this year about that casting.

"It was a lot of fun. Adam Ray is a very, very skilled comedian/actor and we hired him," Gewirtz said. "He does a huge standup and I got to know down here and it was great putting him into Vince's suit — circa-1982 Vince suits, of course. It's an interesting time because Vince... He's on the cusp of taking over but he hadn't taken over yet. So he's still working for his dad."

He also explained why the showrunners chose to split the show into multiple time periods across a single season, which also includes Johnson running for president in 2032.

 "When we first started conceiving [Young Rock], a lot of the brainstorming revolved around Dwayne telling stories of his life to our partners and the show creators, Nahnatchka Khan and Jeff Chang. The stories were so wild and so buried throughout his life," he said.


Season 2 of Young Rock is scheduled to premiere on Feb. 23, 2021. Stay tuned for full coverage of the season when it arrives!