WWE's Edge Almost Played Cable, Would Love to Play Thor

Adam Copeland, better known as WWE's Edge, has continued to have success in television and film in recent years. The former 11-time world champion and WWE Hall of Famer spent a good amount of time honing his acting chops and taking on roles during his years away from the ring, including regular appearances on Haven and Vikings. On Friday, the feature film Money Plane was released starring Copeland alongside Kelsey Grammer.

During an interview with ComicBook.com Friday morning, we asked Copeland which comic book universe movie franchise he would join if given a chance. He immediately responded with one word: Thor.

"Thor, Deadpool. At one point I had read for the character of Cable and got pretty close too but then that damn Josh Brolin, he's so damn handsome," Copeland joked. "I just, I love the character of Cable. So that would have been a blast. But Thor has always been my favorite comic. Look, Daredevil too. I got to play Adam Smasher in the Flash TV series so that was a lot of fun. But off the top of my head, Thor is the one that jumps out. You know who? Sabretooth, Sabretooth would be pretty badass. I even have fangs built in so they wouldn't even have to put teeth prosthetics on."

Copeland returned to the ring earlier this year at the WWE Royal Rumble. Following that surprise return, he embarked on a feud with Randy Orton that resulted in a Last Man Standing match at WrestleMania 36, followed by what was billed as "The Greatest Wrestling Match Ever" between the two at WWE Backlash. During that match at Backlash, Copeland suffered a torn triceps which he is currently recovering from, having recently undergone surgery.

With Copeland's most recent film project, Money Plane, now released, we asked him if he has any other upcoming film projects on the horizon.

"Nothing on the horizon right now," he said. "I think everything has just kind of stopped or has slowed down so much. Then coupled with the fact that WWE has not slowed down, that has kept me busy up until I tore my triceps. So right now I'm just healing, post surgery mode, which kind of blocks everything out because right now I have a big brace on my arm. I wouldn't even be able to pull anything off in terms of stunts or fight scenes. I could do complete dialogue but right now it's kind of limited to what I can actually pull off. I wouldn't be able to pull off Sabretooth right now is what I'm saying."


If you missed it, don't forget to check out part one of our interview with Adam Copeland where he discusses his role in Money Plane in depth, as well as how filming that role coincided with his training for a return to WWE. You can watch Money Plane on most digital platforms, including Amazon Prime and Apple.

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