Is WWE Programming Leaving Another Streaming Service This Week?

WWE's deal with Hulu to house a library of its various shows was on the verge of expiring last month. And while it's unclear if a new deal has been reached, fans learned this week that a big chunk of WWE content is leaving the streaming service on Tuesday and Wednesday. While Miz & Mrs. and the A&E programs — Biography: WWE Legends, WWE's Most Wanted Treasures, WWE Rivals and WWE Smack Talk — will not be affected, live wrestling shows like Monday Night Raw and NXT are on the chopping block. 

Below is a complete list of everything WWE-related that is leaving Hulu this week. Most of WWE's library of content can still be found on Peacock. There don't appear to be any changes to SmackDown, as Hulu on keeps the last month's worth of episodes.

Which WWE Shows Are Leaving Hulu This Week?

  • Monday Night Raw — the library currently has every episode since the start of 2014. Every episode before Sept. 26, 2022, will be removed on Wednesday. The Sept. 26 episode will be removed on Thursday.
  • NXT — Every episode from Jan 1, 2014 to Sept. 20, 2022 will be removed on Wednesday. The Sept. 27 episode expires on Friday and the Oct. 4 episode will leave on Nov. 4.
  • 205 Live — Every remaining episode leaves on Wednesday.
  • NXT LVL Up — All episodes expire today.
  • Main Event — All episodes expire today.
  • Superstars — All episodes expire on Wednesday.
  • WWE en Espanol — All episodes expire on Wednesday.
  • Total Divas — All episodes expire on Wednesday.

Could WWE Go to Netflix?

During a media conference all in August, Co-CEO Nick Khan discussed the possibility of live WWE programming moving to a streaming service instead of network television or cable. Netflix was brought up as a potential bidder. 

"On Netflix, we've been saying on these calls for many months that we believe Netflix is looking to enter the live space. We got confirmation of that this past quarter when Netflix made a bid for the rights for Formula 1. We believe Netflix's appetite for live (programming) will only increase after the introduction of their ad tier. As we all know, the strongest CPMs are those sold against live programming," Khan said. 

Do you think WWE will set up a new deal with Hulu? Or is the beginning of the end for their partnership? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!