WWE Legends Reportedly Backstage at WWE Raw for Ric Flair's 70th Birthday Celebration

Ric Flair is set to celebrate his 70th birthday on this week's edition of Monday Night Raw, and [...]

Ric Flair is set to celebrate his 70th birthday on this week's edition of Monday Night Raw, and based on reports the event will feature a number of wrestling legends from Flair's past.

According to PWInsider, Sting, Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat and Shawn Michaels are all reportedly backstage at the State Farm Arena in Atlanta, Georgia for the segment.

Each of the three men put on excellent matches with "The Nature Boy" throughout the 16-time world champion's historic career. Flair and Sting clashed in the first-ever Clash of Champions event in February 1988, and the 45-minute draw not only made Sting a main event name but it also kicked off a rivalry between "The Stinger" and The Four Horsemen that would go on for years.

In 1989 Flair put on a trio of matches with Steamboat for the NWA World Heavyweight Championship, which are regarded by many as three of the greatest wrestling matches of all time.

Finally, Flair had his last match in the WWE at WrestleMania XXIV against Michaels. For months leading up to the event, Flair had been competing under the stipulation that if he lost another singles match, he would be forced to retire. After managing to stay employed week after week, Flair's luck finally ran out against Michaels.

Both Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch are also reportedly backstage at Raw, which could be the indicator that Flair's birthday party will turn into a brawl thanks to "The Man."

The rivalry between Lynch and Flair goes all the way back to SummerSlam in August, but it has turned particularly brutal in recent weeks. Lynch eliminated Flair in the closing moments of the Women's Royal Rumble match to earn a shot at Ronda Rousey's Raw Women's Championship, only to have her title be handed to Flair weeks later by Vince McMahon. At the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view Lynch made a surprise appearance (despite being suspended) by hobbling her way out to the ring on crutches during a face-off between Rousey and Flair. Lynch quickly revealed she was faking a knee injury and brutally attacked both women.

Lynch has continued to antagonize both women on social media, which points towards the reports that WWE will eventually make the Raw Women's Championship match a triple threat.

Elsewhere on Raw this week, Roman Reigns is scheduled to make his first Raw appearance since announcing his leukemia diagnosis back in October. Reigns is also scheduled to appear on Good Morning America on Tuesday morning.