Miro Names One AEW Wrestler He Won't Work With

During a recent Twitch stream Miro (formerly Rusev) recapped his first few days working as a member of the All Elite Wrestling roster. The former United States Champion listed all of the people he had interacted with backstage, including Eddie Kingston, Billy Gunn (his former trainer), The Blade and The Lucha Bros. At one point the subject of Pac was brought up and Miro's tone suddenly changed. The Bulgarian native stated, "I'm not working with Pac. Pac already tore my bicep. I'm not working with him anymore. I'm done with him. I'm not working with Pac anymore."

For those who don't recall, Miro tore his bicep in late 2015 while working a match with PAC (then Neville) on an episode of Main Event. The injury kept him on the shelf for a month. Given Miro's usual demeanor on Twitch it's hard to tell if he's only joking or if he legitimately wants nothing to do with PAC. The British wrestlers has been stuck overseas since the start of the pandemic, and it's unclear when he'll be back on AEW television.

"I'm just excited to have the opportunity," Miro said in a separate video shortly after his Dynamite debut. "I'm thankful to Tony Khan...he's such a good dude, he's such a great owner. He's very open to talk to, being creative with ideas and everything. He's around everybody, it's not like he's hiding or anything like that. He's got great energy, and he just wants the best, man, that's what it is."

"I think we all have the same agenda," he added. "We all want AEW to succeed. We are promoting ourselves, of course, but we are all in agreement...I mean they are already doing great, and destroying NXT and all that, but now we're up for the big prize, man. I knew they were going to get there anyway, but I'm glad that I can be along and join the joyride."

Check out the full lineup for this week's Dynamite below:

  • The Best Friends vs. Santana & Ortiz (Parking Lot Brawl)
  • NWA Women's World Championship: Thunder Rosa vs. Ivelisse
  • Jurassic Express vs. FTR
  • Chris Jericho & Jake Hager vs. Private Party
  • Hangman Page vs. Frankie Kazarian
  • MJF vs. TBA
  • Promos from Jon Moxley and Lance Archer