WWE NXT Favorite Returns and is Crowned Mandy Rose's Next Title Challenger

Tonight's episode of WWE NXT featured a 20-woman Battle Royale for the chance to be the next challenger for NXT Women's Champion Mandy Rose, though there was already some back and forth backstage before the match had even started. Out first was Alba Fyre, but the match would also include Ivy Nile, Kayden Carter, Katana Chance, Nikkita Lyons, Cora Jade, Indi Hartwell, Fallon Henley, Wendy Choo, Amari Miller, Kiana James, Sarray, Arianna Grace, Valentina Feroz, Elektra Lopez, Tiffany Stratton, Tatum Paxley, Lash Legend, Sloane Jacobs, and Yulisa Leon, though then we got a big surprise in Zoey Starks, who makes her return after being injured since November of last year. After all sorts of big moments, it was Stark who eliminated Stratton only to get surprised by a never eliminated Jade, but Stark still survived, becoming the number one challenger to Rose's NXT Championship.

At the start of the match, Nile would head right for Jade and run her out of the arena, and then Nile returned but Jade wasn't around. Nile then knocked Miller off the ropes with a diving kick, and then Hartwell knocked out Miller after she took a bit too long to interact with the crowd. Lash Legend would catch Fyre and lift her up for a power bomb, but would send them both over the ropes, eliminating them both.

Choo would land on the floor but kept her feet up and then used her pillow to jump back into the ring. Leon was gone next thanks to Stark, and then Feroz tried to avenge her partner but she got eliminated herself. James then stomped on Henley's hand to eliminate her, and Stratton hit Choo with a cup and eliminated her.

Carter and Chance worked together to knock Lopez and Jacobs, and then they went to work on Lyons. Nile was working on Stratton, and Hartwell had Nile up on the turnbuckle. Chance and Carter got Nile out of the ring and then Lyons helped set them up to both be eliminated. Chance and Carter attacked Nile on the outside and Paxley took them out to save her, eliminating herself.

Hartwell missed an attack on Stratton and was eliminated. Then Stratton got Lyons out who eliminated James and then it was Stratton vs Stark. Stark sent Stratton over and she held on, but Stark would send her over again. Jade then came in since she was never eliminated she charged at Stark, but Stark caught on and threw her over, becoming the number 1 challenger.

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