WWE Reveals When Dragon Lee's First Match Will Happen

Dragon Lee was a big signing earlier this year, but fans hadn't heard much until WWE NXT Roadblock. That's when he made his debut for NXT, though it was as part of the audience in a quick mention and spotlight. He hasn't been featured again since, but he has been mentioned, though tonight was his first major appearance on WWE TV. Dragon Lee came out during Wes Lee's promo, where he was talking about the open challenge he's having for the North American Championship at Stand & Deliver. Wes has opened it up for those who want to throw their name in the ring, and Dragon Lee was the first to answer that call. After a quick promo, Dragon Lee was made the first entrant in the match, and now he will make his in-ring debut at Stand & Deliver.

While Wes was talking, Dragon Lee's music hit, and he took a minute to thank Wes. "Wow wow, thank ya'll. Nice to meet you Wes. You know, I've come to NXT for the same reason as you. But Wes, to me right now, you are the best. But you know what. I love the chaos and at Stand & Deliver at Los Angeles, I want to be part of that open challenge against you," Dragon Lee said.

Wes said "See, this is what I love. See, I've been following your career all the way from Mexico to Japan, and I've constantly wondered what it would be like to tangle. Everyone knows I'm impatient. Let's make it official, you've got the first spot. See you in LA."

Then JD McDonagh came out and interrupted things. He said the Lees were putting each other over, and then he told Dragon Lee he should pull up a chair while he dismantles Dragunov. Dragunov then came out so they could have a match, and it's hard to not see one of these people in the match at Stand & Deliver too.

McDonagh would take a cheap shot at Dragon Lee later in the match, and then Dragunov ended up colliding with him and they started to brawl. All that was capped off by Wes Lee leaping over the ropes and coming down on McDonagh, and then a complete brawl broke out around the ring. Things then segued to backstage, where Wes revealed a few more details on the match and who will be added to it.

Wes said that both McDonagh and Dragunov will be added to the match, and with Dragon Lee that makes four people total. Only one spot remains, and Axiom approached Wes and entered his hat into the ring. Lee said that he knows Axiom has wanted this but so do several other people, so to make it fair there will be a Battle Royal next week, and the winner will be the final member of the match.

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