WWE's Paige Blasts Followers for Thinking Her 'Plastic Surgery' Photo Was Real

Retired WWE star Paige posted a photo on Friday alerting her fans that she was starting up a Twitch stream. On the surface that's nothing out of the ordinary, but the former WWE Divas Champion used Instagram's "Pillow Face" filter, which makes the person in the photo look like they just had a laughable amount of botox injected into their face. The photo was a gag, but apparently, too many of her followers thought she really had work done.

"So many of you believed the filter pic below was real," she wrote. "You were all SO SO cruel I can't believe how you treat people you don't know... but also thanks for the content because I read all your dumb ass tweets out on my stream."

Now that WWE Backstage has been shelved, Paige's appearances on WWE programming have been few and far between. She was incredibly vocal last year when WWE introduced a new policy banning wrestlers having accounts with third parties like Cameo and Twitch.

"I understand if they're like, 'you're wrestling every day and doing shows every day,' but I'm an injured wrestler," she said in a stream last October. "I get used for media stuff, sometimes, but at the end of the day, I'm in my house going fucking crazy and I need something to keep me sane. Twitch was my escape. Right now, I'm just sitting on my f—ing ass. People think I should be thankful that I still have a f—ing job, and I am, but it doesn't mean I should be treated like f—ing s—. I had my neck taken away from me twice. You can't take away my Twitch too. I'm gonna keep streaming, we'll see how that goes.”

”I haven't been used on TV in a year. This is our fun and where we can be ourselves. That's why we're here and on Twitch. We also have a wonderful community. What's the pocket change we're getting compared to the billions these people are getting? We're not hurting anybody or doing anything harmful, we're just having a good time. People are on YouTube, have merchandise, wrestling schools, and Twitch gets taken down?" she added.