WWE Raw: Beth Phoenix & Natalya Wants Boss & Hug Connection at Wrestlemania

It appears that the Divas of Doom will get a match against the Boss & Hug Connection at [...]

It appears that the Divas of Doom will get a match against the Boss & Hug Connection at Wrestlemania. Earlier tonight, Beth Phoenix and Natalya officially requested a match against the WWE Women Tag Team Champions Sasha Banks and Bayley after Phoenix declared that she was coming out of retirement for the first time in six years. Although Banks and Bayley were respectful of the WWE Hall of Famer at first, tempers quickly flared when Bayley questioned whether Phoenix would be ready to compete at Wrestlemania and Banks insulted Natalya, noting that she was hanging on Phoenix's coat tails to get a match at Wrestlemania.

Phoenix and Natalya were known as the Divas of Doom during their heyday and were a potent team for nearly two years. The two called themselves "anti-Divas" and terrorized the women's division until they broke up in 2012. While Phoenix was the Women's Champion during that time period, she and Natalya never had the opportunity to compete for Tag Team Titles, as the Championships didn't exist at the time.

While it's almost certain that the Divas of Doom will get their chance to compete for the Women's Tag Team Championship at Wrestlemania, it's uncertain whether it'll be a one on one tag team match. After all, both teams have beef with Nia Jax and Tamina, especially after the pair took out both teams during an impromptu match between Banks and Natalya. There's also the Iiconics lurking in the background, as the Smackdown duo have repeatedly called out Banks and Bayley since they won the Championship belts back at Elimination Chamber.

There's just a few weeks left until Wrestlemania, but it seems certain that we'll get to see Beth Phoenix compete at the Greatest Stage of Them All. The only question is whether she'll be competing in a tag team match, or if there will be more than one team involved.