WWE's Vince McMahon States Company Ready To Re-Open

The WWE has had to change a lot thanks in part to the coronavirus pandemic that has been sweeping the globe, performing to empty stadiums and filming matches that have taken place prior to a given event, and it seems as though Vince McMahon has gone on record stating that the company is ready to re-open. The caveat, of course, is that McMahon states that the organization will only re-open if the folks in charge of each venue are able to safely perform openings and make sure to stop the spread of the coronavirus through social distancing and other safety measures.

The past few Pay Per View events, as mentioned earlier have been far different from what we've seen before, with the professional wrestlers of the WWE having to perform for empty audiences and sell themselves in completely different ways. With some of the matches seeming downright surreal, it has definitely been a bag of give and take when it comes to the WWE's numerous events. The coronavirus pandemic was also responsible for what is thought of as two of the best matches in recent memory with the "Boneyard Match" and "The Firefly Funhouse Match" which both made amazing work of scripted battles.

WWE Vince McMahon
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In an interview for the SportsPro Podcast, John Brody, the Executive Vice President, stated that McMahon was ready to go on bringing back the WWE to its original status if venues were able to ensure safe events:

“Yeah look, first of all, if people will open arenas safely, we’re ready. Our Chairman and CEO Vince McMahon has said we’re ready to go and entertain and put smiles on people’s faces so we look forward to the next step in the transition. When we’re in the time of reduced travel, we’re just trying to produce content. Deliver content. Give fans the ability to ingest content. We’ve just had to pivot and evolve based on the realities of this global pandemic.”

This decision certainly would be seen as a controversial one, with many WWE employees on record having contracted COVID-19 and many believing that it would be far too soon to re-open. We'll have to see what the future of the organization when it comes to live performances and pay per view events in general in the face of the coronavirus pandemic.


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