WWE: Roman Reigns Tells Seth Rollins He Would Pick Becky Lynch if Wanted Real Challenger

After last week's reveal that Seth Rollins would be taking on The Tribal Chief Roman Reigns for the Universal Championship at the Royal Rumble, it was time for the two stars to come face to face. They both made their way out to the ring and after their introductions, Reigns took the microphone first and called for the crowd to acknowledge him. Rollins then said alright and said to acknowledge this as quite a moment. "I was thinking what do you say, for old time's sake. Go on throw it in there, you know you want to." Rollins was holding his fist out for a classic Shield fist bump, but Reigns smirked and said "That's beneath me now."

"You don't want to acknowledge that, let's acknowledge the look on your face when I showed up in your office last week," Rollins said. "Seems to me I'm the last person on Earth you wanted to see. To be fair, why would you want to see me? Our track record in Championships is pretty one-sided. I won em all. So I understand why you wouldn't want to see me."

"He's out here talking about the past ya'll. You must be sleeping under a rock or something. I'm in God mode nowadays son. I'm the Tribal Chief. I'm the head of the table. I'm the provider around here," Reigns said. "I'm, the greatest of this generation no questions asked. I'm the greatest Universal Champion of all time, which makes me the greatest ever to do this."

"Look I didn't come out here to rain on your parade. I came out here to acknowledge you," Rollins said. "To acknowledge all your success. All the main events. All the championships. Everything you've done. I've just got a question for you. Can you look yourself in the mirror at night and say you've done that all by yourself? Can you? That's the big difference between you and I. Without Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins was just fine. I was holding your hand left and right back in the Shield days. And when I sent you packing with a chair to the back, you still couldn't do it alone. You needed your precious Bloodline to back you up. Do you realize who the greatest is here? Because let's not forget. I created you, and I can destroy you."

Reigns said "This is a waste of my time. You're a waste of my time. You look like a clown and sound like a clown because you are a clown. You don't have the star power I have, if I were looking for a megastar I wouldn't have chosen you from Raw. You wouldn't even be the one I would choose from your own household. If I wanted to main event the Royal Rumble with a megastar, I would've chosen your wife."

Rollins didn't take that well, but then the Usos came to attack him and he dodged them. He evaded them again and went back in the ring. He then got away again and left the ring, and this feud is just beginning.

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