Drew McIntyre Retains the WWE Championship Against Goldberg at the WWE Royal Rumble

Drew McIntyre successfully retained his WWE Championship on Sunday against Goldberg, taking down the WWE Hall of Famer with a thunderous Claymore Kick at the Royal Rumble. Prior to the match starting McIntyre hit a Glasgow Kiss and a Claymore, but Goldberg retaliated with a Spear through the ringside barricade. McIntyre, selling a rib injury throughout the rest of the match, withstood three Spears and a Jackhammer before putting the WCW icon away with his finisher. The two shook hands and embraced following the match

The rivalry between the two kicked off at Monday Night Raw's "Legends Night," when Goldberg questioned how much respect McIntyre had for the legends of the past. Leading into the match, McIntyre addressed some of the fans backlash Goldberg was receiving for coming back to television and instantly getting another world championship match.

"I never thought I'd get the opportunity to be across the ring from Goldberg, ever in my career and I'm glad I'm getting that opportunity," McIntyre said while on Rasslin' With Brandon F. Walker. "I know a lot of people, maybe socially, have an opinion about Goldberg walking in and getting title matches but the truth is, he's such a gigantic name and does bring eyeballs in that are perhaps lapsed from wrestling or have never watched wrestling and want to check it out. When he's on the show, a lot of people will watch the show and they'll see our current superstars and hopefully, that will get them to continue to watch because they'll be so entertained.


"For me, getting in there with Goldberg; the few matches we've seen him in haven't been the best, let's be honest," he added. "I really feel, where I'm at in my career and the way we wrestle and think — I've gotten to know him well the past few years — I genuinely believe we can give everyone a big surprise and have a compelling match."