WWE SmackDown: Cesaro Sends a Message to Roman Reigns with Beatdown Ahead of WrestleMania Backlash

Tonight Jimmy Uso had his first match since his injury last year during tonight's SmackDown main event, and it was against Cesaro. Cesaro is about to take on Roman Reigns for the Universal Championship at WrestleMania Backlash, and after a confrontation with Reigns earlier in the show where Jimmy said Reigns couldn't beat Cesaro but he could, he challenged Cesaro to a match tonight. Both competitors were ready to go when the match started, and Cesaro go the first blow in that left Uso reeling a bit in the corner as he collected himself, and Cesaro was feeling it all night.

Uso would get his own offense in though after some deception, as after selling that he reinjured himself Cesaro hesitated, which let Uso hit a superkick on Cesaro.

Then both stars would trade offense for a bit, and both managed to evade some attacks. Cesaro would avoid a charge from Uso, sending him into the post, but Cesaro would miss his next attack as well, sending him into the post next.

Then Uso would hit the air for the first time since returning, and though he successfully slammed Cesaro to the floor outside the ring, he did reach for his knee a bit afterwards.

Things got back in the ring and Uso looked in control but Cesaro gained control again when he hit Uso with a big uppercut and then landed a Superplex from the top rope. Uso looked in rough shape, and Cesaro followed, hitting a Cannonball from the ring apron and laying out Uso again.

He followed it up with a charging uppercut on Uso, but when he went to roll Uso into the ring, Reigns ambushed him from behind. At that point Jimmy confronted Reigns, saying he couldn't just stay out of it.


They then argued as Jimmy went up the ramp, and Reigns told him no one cares about these exhibition matches or that he can beat Cesaro. They only care about the big-money matches. They continued to go at each other but had to switch gears when Cesaro came back in the ring to attack Jey Uso. Reigns then headed back in and told Jimmy to come help out, and when he got in the ring Cesaro hit him with an uppercut. Jimmy went to help Reigns at that point, but then Cesaro hit him with a superkick and then hit Reigns and later Jey, sending Jimmy to the floor. Reigns then bolted once he got up, leaving Jey alone, and while Reigns watched Cesaro made an example of Jey, hitting him with the Neutralizer twice and saying he was going to do the same to Reigns this Sunday.

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