WWE's Matt Riddle Wins But Gets Ambushed by AJ Styles on SmackDown

Tonight's episode of SmackDown kicked off with the newest member of the blue brand's roster Matt Riddle, who headed down to the ring to have a chat with Michael Cole. Cole asked him about his big first night on SmackDown, which involved him getting into a fight with AJ Styles, and he made quite an impression. He made another one tonight to be sure, as he told a long story about why he doesn't wear shoes, and he was interrupted by Baron Corbin, who had a problem with his attack last week. He then said Riddle's next opponent will be John Morrison, who came out to the ring, but that wasn't the only opponent he would face.

The match then kicked into gear, and Riddle had the upper hand early. Morrison was able to turn things around though, and the two showcased their arsenal of counters and athleticism, especially Morrison.

Morrison starting bouncing all over the ring and using the ropes as a springboard for some big-time offense, including a hard knee right to the head, but it still wasn't enough for the pin.

Riddle took Morrison's hardest shots, and the two traded punches until Morrison's hilarious bait and switch that blinded Riddle for a bit. Unfortunately, Riddle got the best of him, turning a move into a suplex with Morrison landing hard.

Riddle then landed outside of the ring after colliding with Morrison, and he used the chance to hit Corbin with a flip flop, pissing King Corbin off quite a bit.

Back in the ring, Riddle tried for a Floating Bro, but Morrison got the knees up. Morrison almost got the pin here but Riddle kicked out once more. While Morrison was stunned Riddle locked in a submission, but Morrison was able to get to the turnbuckle.

Morrison then hit Riddle with two huge moves, driving Riddle into the mat with a Spanish Fly, but Riddle kicked out once more. A few more attacks between the two resulted in Riddle finally getting the upper hand and pinning Morrison, but his celebration was short-lived as AJ Styles came out and attacked him on his way up the ramp, pouring more fuel on the fire with that feud.

Before Riddle was interrupted by Corbin, he told a lengthy story about how he used to go out into the snow without shoes on, and one day he went too long and ended up with frostbite on both feet. They even thought he might lose them at one point, but he ended up making a full recovery.

After that, he stopped wearing shoes on any occasion, and it hasn't stopped him from decimating people on his way through NXT and it won't stop him from hurting people on SmackDown.

The official description for tonight's SmackDown can be found below.

"Sheamus is set to toast Jeff Hardy, AJ Styles will defend the Intercontinental Title against Drew Gulak, and Matt Riddle joins Michael Cole for an exclusive interview."

Here's what's going down on tonight's SmackDown:

Intercontinental Champion AJ Styles vs Drew Gulak

Sheamus Raising Glass to Jeff Hardy


Matt Riddle speaks with Michael Cole

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