WWE SmackDown: Cesaro and Shinsuke Nakamura Defeat The New Day, Choose Tables Match for Extreme Rules

WWE SmackDown on Friday night opened up with a tag team match between The New Day and Cesaro and Shinsuke Nakamura. Following last week's non-finish, the bout on SmackDown was to determine the stipulation for the two team's SmackDown Tag Team Championship match this Sunday night at Extreme Rules. The bout would either be a Tables Match or a Steel Cage match, and following the match between the two teams on Friday night, we received our answer as to who will get to pick.

In fact, though speculated, we didn't actually know these two teams would collide at the PPV. It was largely speculated following last week's non-finish in the main event of SmackDown, but we received confirmation at the start of Friday night's show. And while last week's match was seen as somewhat disappointing due to the finish, this week's bout that opened the FOX broadcast was excellent. See some highlights below.

In the end, Cesaro and Nakamura were victorious when Cesaro pinned Big E. Michael Cole raved on commentary that he believes that Nakamura and Cesaro have the number of the New Day. Following the contest, the team tried to get a table out from under the ring to inflict more damage on their opponents ahead of the PPV. Instead, Kofi Kingston came flying in to take out the pair.

Big E and Kofi set Cesaro up on the table at ringside and Kofi climbed to the top rope for a high spot, but he wasn't able to hit it as Nakamura pulled Cesaro to safety and left the ringside area.


It was then announced that it will be a Tables Match between the two teams on Sunday night at WWE The Horror Show at Extreme Rules.