WWE SmackDown: Paul Heyman Takes Shot at Jake Paul After Logan Paul Makes Challenge to Roman Reigns

After much teasing throughout the day, tonight's WWE SmackDown kicked off with Logan Paul addressing the WWE Universe with a big announcement. News broke earlier in the day that WWE is planning on Roman Reigns vs Logan Paul being the main event of Crown Jewel, and the events of tonight definitely seemed in line with that report, as Paul dared Reigns to show up at a press conference he was holding for the two on Saturday. That's when Paul Heyman made his grand return to WWE TV, and he would take a big shot at Logan's brother Jake Paul.

Heyman came to the ring and aimed to put Logan in his place, telling him he was an impressive athlete and a big deal but also not in the same league as Reigns. He then said he survived the fight with Mayweather, but that doesn't mean he can step in the ring with the Tribal Chief.

Heyman then brought up Jake Paul, telling Logan that his brother is about to face Anderson Silva and that he is going to knock Jake out. Heyman said he wouldn't fight Jake or Logan, but that Logan shouldn't open his mouth about Reigns. He didn't care about all of the things Logan brings to this, and said he should make the smart decision to pick a fight with someone else.

If Reigns shows up to the press conference in las Vegas on Saturday, it could lead to a match officially being booked for Logan and Reigns for Crown Jewel, and if it happens it will definitely get people talking. Whether or not it should involve the Titles is another thing entirely, but it can definitely be a big draw.

This all started when Logan had Reigns on the Impaulsive podcast, and while the conversation was great and cordial, afterwards Logan said he wanted to face Reigns one on one. Reigns didn't take too kindly to that and fired back on social media, bringing in Heyman to respond on his behalf as well, and that led to tonight's confrontation.

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