WWE SmackDown: Rey Mysterio Challenges Roman Reigns to Match at Hell in a Cell

The ongoing saga of Roman Reigns and The Usos is one of SmackDown's biggest highlights, and [...]

The ongoing saga of Roman Reigns and The Usos is one of SmackDown's biggest highlights, and tonight we got another compelling chapter in the ongoing story between the family. That started with Jimmy Uso cutting a promo to start SmackDown and Reigns sending Jey to go get his brother. That didn't end up happening, as Jimmy wanted to meet in their locker room, which Reigns got a kick out of. When they all finally did meet, Reigns started out by pointing to his Universal title and saying "You see this. Do you understand?"

Jimmy didn't take that, saying he didn't care about that championship, and he only cares about Jey, and them as a family. He then said Roman has been doing this since they were kids, and that when he goes into the hall of the fame (which Jimmy acknowledged he will), he said he wouldn't go in as Reigns, but as a b****.

They then started trading shots until Jey told them both to stop it and said he was sick of both of them and then added he was done with it all and walked away. Then Jimmy said if Reigns wanted to fight he was ready, but Reigns didn't want to fight, and launched into an impassioned promo about how he just goes out there and does what he needs to do for the family. He also said Jimmy and Jey were twins, but Jimmy was out first, making him the older brother and the one who should be reeling in Jey, not the other way around.

He also said Jey was without him for a year and raised himself up to the main event, and now Jimmy wants to erase all that, and that's not how he should be treating his brother. He told him to make this right, not just for Jey, but for the family.

We then got Rey Mysterio honoring what he said earlier in the night and heading to the ring to call out Reigns. Mysterio told Reigns to come on out, and he got his wish, as Reigns' music hit and the Head of the Table appeared alongside Paul Heyman.

When he got to the ring, Rey said he acknowledged him, he acknowledged him for the rat b****** he was. He then acknowledged him as a rat b****** that put his hands on his son. He acknowledged him as a man he was willing to fight even if he lost the fight. He then added he acknowledged him as a man he wants to fight inside Hell in a Cell.

Mysterio then said, "now that I've issued my challenge, it's your turn to acknowledge." Reigns laughter and Heyman gave him a mic. Reigns said "I acknowledge you as a father", but before he could finish Mysterio attacked him with a kendo stick, and he got several licks in before Reigns caught the stick. Reigns lifted Rey up but Rey hit him with the stick again, causing Reigns to drop Rey. Reigns then caught Rey with a Superman Punch when he got back in the ring. Reigns was holding his arm and was livid, but before he could spear Rey Dominik got in the ring and attacked him with the kendo stick.

Reigns then lifted him up and threw him over the ropes outside of the ring to the hard floor, and he was in serious pain. Rey then attacked Reigns from behind with the kendo stick again, but Reigns kicked him in the face. Security came in to break it up, and SmackDown came to a close.

Now it seems this match will happen, and it's already one of the most compelling matches on the card.

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