Former WWE Superstar Calls Jimmy Uso's Heel Turn "Very WWE-ish"

Matt Hardy experienced an eerily similar storyline during the end of his WWE run.

Jimmy Uso cost his brother the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship. The older Uso made his return to WWE programming at WWE SummerSlam and broke up a pinfall that seemed poised to win Jey Uso the big title. As a calm and collected Paul Heyman looked on, Jimmy superkicked his brother, leaving his prone body for Roman Reigns's taking. This twist ending did not go over well with fans as many began wondering if this moment was WWE "jumping the shark" with The Bloodline storyline. While time will tell what Jimmy's reasoning for this heel turn is, one former WWE superstar who was involved in an eerily similar brotherly feud has weighed in on the blossoming rivalry.

Matt Hardy Calls Jimmy Uso's Turn "Very WWE-ish"

Speaking on The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy, Matt Hardy criticized the WWE SummerSlam ending of Jimmy Uso's turn.

"Maybe they have some ingenious plan worked out and it's going to turn into a story that blows us all away, but in my opinion, I would rather not see Jimmy turn on Jey in the big scheme of things," Hardy said. "I love the fact that the Usos have been such an important part of the story. I love the fact that they had each other's back. I love that Jey ended up making the decision to step away from Roman and go with his brother, and just for Jimmy to come back, I mean, it's very WWE-ish."

WWE SummerSlam was déjà vu for Matt in a way, as he cost his brother Jeff Hardy the WWE Championship at WWE Royal Rumble 2009. In the late moments of Jeff's defense against Edge, Matt hit the ring and struck his brother with a chair, resulting in the ultimate opportunist stealing the title. Not only did Matt's turn on his brother come out of nowhere, but he was inadvertently helping one of his most personal rivals win the WWE Title. Just as Jimmy aided the man that had been mentally manipulating him for years, Matt handed the WWE Title on a silver platter to the man who his girlfriend had cheated on him with in years past.

"Once again, I don't know. Maybe they have something that's gonna blow us away. I don't know, but I wouldn't have wanted to split up The Usos because I think they're a great tag team," Matt continued. "I think they're most valuable when they're together as opposed to feuding against each other or having a big match on a big premium live event. I would have rather seen Jimmy return to it and still have Jey's back in some way. I don't know where I would have taken the angle. I haven't really thought about that. I try to sit back and enjoy it, like watching just as a spectator, as a viewer of the product."

Jimmy Uso is expected to tell all tonight on WWE SmackDown, airing at 8 PM ET on FOX.