WWE Superstar Makes Return from Injury on SmackDown

Tonight's SmackDown featured a welcome surprise as we started to approach the mid-way point, and it all started with the announcement of a match between Fight Night's Ridge Holland, who was accompanied to the ring by Sheamus and Butch. He was supposed to have a match against The New Day, and when Kofi Kingston came out you assumed it was against him, but that was not the case. Kingston said "When we said you were going to have a match against The New Day, oh noooo, but if not me, then who? Who? WHO? Him!" Then King Woods' music hit and Woods made his glorious return to SmackDown.

That wasn't all though, as then he jumped in the ring to take on Holland, so Woods seems to be back to 100% after being sidelined with an injury for several weeks. Woods got off to a hot start and showed no ring rust whatsoever, but then Holland got the momentum to swing in his favor for just a minute and cracked a smile as Woods was laying on the mat.

That didn't last long though, as Woods would take back control and roll up Holland for the 3-count, shocking Holland and his team of Sheamus and Butch, and they both rushed into the ring after the final count.

Meanwhile, Woods and Kingston booked it to the entrance ramp and were all smiles, with Woods throwing out some taunts as they headed up the ramp. Holland was still reeling and looked rather angry about the whole thing, so we'd say this feud is just beginning.

It wasn't known if Woods would be back in time for WrestleMania, as his injury was supposed to put him out of action for anywhere from 4 to 6 weeks. It seemed touch and go there for a minute, and with the injury of Big E in recent weeks, fans weren't sure if the plans for New Day and Kingston would have to be changed. Thankfully Woods is back in action and seems ready to go, so The New Day will surely be in action at WrestleMania as a result.

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