WWE's Vince McMahon Comments On The Firing Of Paul Heyman

WWE fans were shocked earlier this year when it was announced that Paul Heyman was "fired" from his role as Executive Director for Monday Night Raw, and during the second quarter investor conference call, a question was raised to Vince McMahon to comment on the firing of one of the bigger names within the organization. The official reason for the firing of Heyman, the hype man for Brock Lesnar among the many other roles he played, read as such from the organization in that “consolidating both teams from RAW and SmackDown into one group”.

McMahon had said during the conference call that he thought that Heyman had been doing a "good job creatively", but neglected to actually dive into any other details about the firing of the hypeman/former executive director who now works as "in-ring talent". McMahon stressed that the organization will be focusing on developing new characters to help in appealing to a younger audience, after being asked subsequently about the success of the likes of All Elite Wrestling. It will definitely be interesting to see how World Wrestling Entertainment attempts to change its brand moving forward when it comes to attempting to make up for the ratings dip when it comes to both Raw and Smackdown.

WWE Paul Heyman Vince McMahon
(Photo: WWE)

World Wrestling Entertainment has been undergoing a number of changes in the face of the coronavirus pandemic, and while we can't be sure that Heyman's firing was a direct result of COVID-19, McMahon and the organization have had to make a number of different changes to try to get the ball rolling on their weekly shows. While they have been able to put together some amazing pre-taped matches such as the Boneyard Match and the Firefly Funhouse, the lack of audiences has definitely made the company have to change their game.

Heyman has had a long history with World Wrestling Entertainment and we're crossing our fingers that despite his loss of his role as a higher up within Monday Night Raw that Paul will continue to be a face for in-ring talent as we'd be hard pressed to think of a better "hype man" than Heyman. Certainly, Brock Lesnar has benefitted from Paul Heyman without a doubt!

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