Xavier Woods Fires Back at CM Punk and Booker T's for Saying The New Day Should Break Up

With Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods both out of action, Big E has set out to re-establish himself as a singles star on recent episodes of Friday Night SmackDown. The trio has made it clear both in interviews and on television that they're not splitting up, but retired wrestlers like Booker T and CM Punk have recently argued that they should break up.

"I think they think that was old after a period of time and then after you had that success in tag team you want to explore. You want to see if you could actually go out there and do in the singles ranks," Booker said in a recent episode of The Hall of Fame podcast. "Time is running out on Big E. Time is running out on Xavier. Xavier I forgot, he's done, he's finished. Big E still has some time left to go out there and cash his ticket. Go out there and stake his claim as far as his legacy and perhaps become the World Heavyweight Champion."

"Big E and New Day they've been rolling for like how long?" I agree with you [Booker] that he has to dump Woods and Kofi, kick those guys to the curb," Punk said during a SummerSlam watch party last week.

Woods responded to both of their comments during a recent interview on the Battleground Podcast.


I love that people have enough passion about what's going on to want to talk about it. That's great, it keeps people's names in the zeitgeist. We've explained many times that, again, our friendship and bond is more important than anything else,The interesting thing about people saying things like this about E is, 'oh, well you said the same things about Kofi.' That worked out okay, I think. I think this is the vocal minority again, which is fine, everyone have your voice and use it the way you want, just don't be disrespectful to people. It's a situation where, to me, people want something different, right? And we've seen people make it to the top of the mountain using one specific toolbox. Now, there are people who are attempting to use a very different — keyword different — toolbox and then people want them to go back to the old tools. You're preaching that you want something different by telling someone to be the same as everyone else.

"Everyone has their opinion and everyone is entitled to it," he continued. "And no one's is right, no one's is wrong because we can't tell the future, we don't know. It's great that people talk about it and want something to happen because I want something to happen too. I want E to hold all the titles, I want Kofi to hold all the titles, I want to hold all the titles. And so the way that we get there, we're going to do it our own way."