WWE's Karrion Kross Says Raw is Completely Different Experience Compared to NXT

It's been an interesting journey for WWE's Karrion Kross since he moved from NXT to Monday Night Raw, and his most recent appearance is showing hints of a return to the lethal star that ruled the formerly Black and Gold brand for a time. Both brands definitely have their own way of doing things, and in a new interview with Table Talk, Kross talked a bit about the differences between Raw and NXT, including how differently they run. It seems Kross is really embracing those differences and adapting to Raw's more ever-changing flow.

"It's a completely different experience in the way that the show runs. The CWC, the day felt, in terms of how the show was laid out, felt very premeditated in terms of the direction we knew we were going to be going and everything was spaced out with time allotted. It just felt more concrete whereas with Raw, there are so many moving parts and a lot of things that are changing moment to moment. Being able to adapt and change on the fly, I don't want to necessarily say it was hard, it's more fun. I enjoy stuff like that and don't mind pressure whatsoever. Sometimes when you're backstage, certain things like time stuff gets extended or cut or things like that. For me, it's been really fun," Kross said.

Kross also mentioned how impressive it is to see all the people that make Raw happen every Monday.

"I don't necessarily know if I observe the transition from NXT to Raw as necessarily hard or easy, it's just in general a really cool learning experience. To see how many people in comparison to CWC to Raw in terms of staff, there are wires around the entire place. How many people come together every Monday to put that show together from the ground up is incredible. It's very inspiring to see that many people working on that show. That's how I observe all of it. It is a totally different experience."

Hopefully, Scarlett can join Kross on Monday Night Raw soon, as the Red Brand hasn't really experienced the full Kross and Scarlett experience that NXT fans enjoyed, and fingers crossed their epic entrance also makes a return.

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H/T Fightful