WWE's Liv Morgan Talks Extreme Rules, New Match Stipulation, Marvel's Spider-Man, and More

WWE's Liv Morgan will be in the spotlight at this weekend's Extreme Rules as she takes on Carmella in a singles match, but first, she'll need to take care of business on tonight's SmackDown against Zelina Vega. Morgan's come into her own as a singles wrestler and her match at Extreme Rules is one more major step in her WWE journey. ComicBook.com had the chance to speak to Morgan all about her upcoming match and if a stipulation might find its way into it, as well as why she wants to take part in a Street Fight, that amazing moment at Money in the Bank, and even some gaming with Marvel's Spider-Man and, yes, Def Jam Vendetta. To kick things off we wanted to know if once she beats Vega and Carmella, will that effectively close the chapter on those two, who have been thorns in her side over the past year.

"I hope so. Yeah, we've been beefing since Money in the Bank, since they both got declared into the match I thought we should all earn our opportunities. You know? Understandably so because I was trying, I wasn't trying to block their opportunities, I just thought they should earn their opportunities," Morgan said. "So I totally understand why they're mad at me, but yeah, you know, I'm hoping after this weekend it's pretty much done because I'm so tired of Zelina sticking her nose where it doesn't belong. She keeps inserting herself into I feel like everything I do, and that's super annoying. Carmella, just shut up or love herself for her talents. I almost feel bad for her a little bit. She has so many accolades and all she says is how beautiful she is. You know? I almost feel bad a little bit. I just want to show her, hey Mella, you're so much more than just being beautiful. For some reason, she took that the wrong way."

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There are some big matches at Extreme Rules, and Morgan's in pretty elite company, which means a lot, especially since it's the second singles match Morgan has had on a WWE pay-per-view. 

"I love it. This is my second singles match at a Pay-Per-View. My first one was WrestleMania on the pre-show versus Natalia. It's so crazy because when I started in the WWE I never saw myself as a tag team wrestler and that's what I've done for the majority of my career. I fell in love with it but now I feel like I'm getting a chance to kind of start over. So I love that I'm getting to work with Carmela at Extreme Rules. Also, Extreme Rules is one of my favorite Pay-Per-Views ever. The extreme and the tables, the ladders and chairs, the stipulation matches, that's why I fell in love with WWE when I was a kid. So it's definitely a goal and a dream of mine to insert myself into one of those scenarios, so I'm really, really excited."

Now, the match doesn't have a stipulation yet, but Morgan teased that might change by the end of tonight. "Not yet, but we still have Friday and you never know what's going to happen in the world of WWE. Everything is subject to change. You never know. I'm hoping we can add a little stipulation just to up the ante and just so I can, you know, get that, I want that feeling, I want that adrenaline. I want weapons involved. I want the stakes to be higher. I want an extra element of danger and suspense and I want to beat Mella's butt," Morgan said.

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There are still some big stipulation matches on Morgan's bucket list moving forward. In fact, she pretty much wants to be in every single one.

"Oh my god. I have so many, I have so many. I want to be in a Steel Cage Match. I want to be in a Ladder Match. I mean, I was in a Ladder Match, but I'd love to be in a more controlled environment. There were so many women in Money in the Bank, there's so many factors. I'd like to see what I can do in a more controlled setting. Did I say TLC match? I want to do it all honestly. When I tell you, my eyes were like this big watching TLC matches back in the day, or like the 2000s, like whoa, I want to do that. I still want to do that so I'm hoping I get to do that."

Oh, and add a Street Fight to that list, and she's already got it envisioned in her mind. "Oh my gosh, a street fight. I want to do a street fight. A street fight and I want to wear jeans. I feel like that's what you do. You wear your merch shirt and jeans and you fight," Morgan said. I mentioned the must-haves of fighting by the food cards and using the concession stands as weapons. "Fire Extinguishers, food carts, throwing through doors. I want it all," Morgan said.

As for some special gear for the big occasion, fans can look forward to that as well. "Oh I mean, have you watched me? I have new gear almost every single week. I'm totally, I worked up something for Extreme Rules. I have something cool. It's not themed or anything but it's just a cool little extreme gear," Morgan said.

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We also had to talk about the emotional promo she shared at Money in the Bank, which drew mountains of support from the fans in attendance. "I know, that was such an incredible feeling, such an incredible moment. It was a moment that I didn't expect. It literally brought me to tears. It brought me to tears. I just appreciate their support so much," Morgan said.

That fan support means a lot to Morgan, and she's incredibly appreciative of how they've followed her through her at times unexpected and surprising journey.

"I feel like, you know, luckily I feel like it increases over time so I'm like thank you. I've always felt, and I don't even know why, I really don't even know why but I've always felt like I've had a very good strong core of a fan base that supports me no matter what, whether I'm objecting in a wedding, whether I'm not on TV for tons and tons and tons of weeks. They're like ride or die so I'm grateful for them and I welcome all fans and all new fans. I love them all the same," Morgan said. "I feel blessed and very lucky to have their support. The WWE Universe, not everyone gets it so I'm grateful and I'm thankful. I hope I just give them many more reasons throughout my career to want to support me."

They also have her back at all times, especially if she's left off television for some reason on SmackDown, and it doesn't take long before you hear about it on social media.

"You're going to hear about it. I love that because if I want to complain or if I want to say something, I don't really need to because I know they're going to do it for me," Morgan said.

I added that they are great about tagging the right people to get the message out, and Morgan agrees. "Yeah, you know, we're going to tag Vince McMahon, we're going to tag Stepanie, Adam Pearce, where's our girl? You know?"

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When Morgan's not in the ring or training, she loves to dive into video games and possesses the rare skill of being able to focus on one and just run through it from beginning to end before moving on to the next one. It's a skill I wish I possessed, and she's most recently applied that skill to Marvel's Spider-Man...though it ended up not being the Spider-Man she thought it was.

"You know, when I game I do it in like ... It's like when I read a book. When I read a book, I have to like read it all that day. Yeah, I like to read all day and then I'll take a break. So when I play games I'm the same way. I have to complete the game as fast as I possibly can, like almost obsessively, then I'll take a little break. Right now I'm playing Spiderman. I thought I was playing the new Spiderman but I'm totally playing the old Spiderman," Morgan said.

Morgan went in looking to play Miles Morales but ended up playing Marvel's Spider-Man, though the good news is both rule so it's a win-win. That said, what really caught my ear was the mention of Def Jam Vendetta

"I thought I was playing Miles Morales but I'm not. I downloaded it with the idea that I was playing the new but I'm totally playing the old, but I'm enjoying it. What else did I spend a lot of time on this year? I beat Def Jam Vendetta in like 29 hours. It's iconic. Iconic, iconic. They need to do an update with more current rappers. You know? I feel like that'd be awesome. Who do we talk to to make a new Def Jam Vendetta?"

Seriously, we need to know like ASAP, because a new Def Jam game would absolutely rule. That's not the only game that has her attention though, as WB's upcoming Harry Potter game is one of her most anticipated. "Oh my god. I've been on the lookout for that. I am dying to play Harry Potter. I am so excited for that. I can't wait for that to come out because I'm going to do an all-nighter and I'm going to beat it," Morgan said.


We'll have to wait a little longer to play the new Harry Potter game and a new Def Jam, but you can watch Morgan in action on tonight's SmackDown on FOX at 8 PM EST, and then you can watch Morgan on Extreme Rules, which streams on Peacock Sunday at 8 PM EST.

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