EXCLUSIVE: First Look At Lash On Marvel's Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.

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    • Rick
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    Considering Joe Madureira's art style, that very well could just be long messy hair as opposed to a mix between porcupine quills and a lion's mane.

  1. Still dont know how he fits in to the current storyline. Making large diversions from the cannon tends to leave gaping continuity holes. Bringing lash in before we even establish that storyline that lays out the royal family of the in humans is stupid. Lash has no place in the timeline. There are so many arcs and character growth that needs to happen long before he factors in. He'll i don't think quake and lash ever interact in the comics.

    • Rick
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    Seems pretty simple. Season 2 ended with fish oil tablets being made from fish that absorbed Terrigen crystals which had dissolved in the ocean. Those tablets I assume will take the place of the Terrgin cloud from the Inhumanity arc transforming those with the genetic potential to be Inhuman. Lash is one of those Inhumans and has acted independent of the Royal Family. Quake may or may not have interacted with Lash in the comics, probably because she isn't an Inhuman in the comics, but that seems like a silly reason not to have them interact in an adaptation. It's not if its on par with a Green Lantern vs Lex Luthor story.

  2. You said it yourself  "the comics".

    this a different universe, The movies and tv shows Univeres, and it works different.

  3. I'd complain about the hair but it's something very hard to translate to real life.

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