New Captain America: Civil War Preview Video Released

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  1. Fantastic. This movie is in great hands, super talented directors making a follow up to one of the greatest superhero films ever.

    • RJW
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    Remember before Winter Soldier came out how people were so worried and hated that the Russos were directing it? This is yet another example of why I think people should wait and see before judging. That said, given their work on WS and Arrested Development and Community, this movie looks to be really good and I'm happy that if Joss wasn't going to write and direct Infinity Wars I and II, the Russos are.

    • rawbase
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    Wonder how long it will take before somebody thinks that spider-man is at 1:09 of the video.

    • Imran520
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    watch more videos from here

  2. the russo bros should write a episode of shield

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