The Walking Dead: Josh McDermitt Reveals What Eugene Is Doing At Alexandria

TWD Eugene 614

Eugene is a pretty mysterious character on The Walking Dead. Sure, he's lied, but we still believe he has good intentions.

The mullet-rocking Alexandrian has been hanging around the Safe-Zone while the group is out hunting Saviors. Josh McDermitt recently revealed just what the mischievous man has been up to since dropping a bit out of the spotlight on The Walking Dead.

1) Eugene ended up eating all of the acorn and beet cookies left over from Carol’s big baking extravaganza. He started in her kitchen licking the leftover batter from the spoon and bowl. Then he ended up at Sam’s grave where he ate the cookie Carol left for him — at least what was left of it after some ants devoured half of it.

2) Eugene slept in everyone’s bed, trying to figure out which one he may want to take. Let’s be honest, the rest of the group is on a serious life-or-death mission to kill as many Saviors as possible, and there was a good chance someone would die and not come back. Who is it going to be? Hard to say … Might as well try all the beds and do some swapping if need be.

3) Eugene had plenty of time to raid Jessie’s beauty supply cabinet after Alexandria’s resident hairdresser was swarmed to death. There were a lot of hair care products that were only being used by Daryl. Gotta keep that mullet silky smooth.

4) Speaking of Daryl … tried on Daryl’s vest that has wing patches sewn on the back. Removed the wings and stitched on mullets shaped to look like wings. Hoping Daryl is too occupied with killin’ to notice.

5) With Father Gabriel along for the killing spree, Eugene has taken over pastoral duties … which only consists of eating all the communion wafers and drinking the wine.

That's a pretty full plate but we know Eugene loves those.

Fear not, Eugene fans. We'll be seeing a lot of Eugene and his new and improved hair game on The Walking Dead this weekend.

The Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9 PM ET on AMC.

via EW